Brian Cimins Competition Highlight Video from American Internationals, December 2005

Here’s a highlight video from my last major competition, December 2005 at and World Grappling Games “2005 American International Grappling Championships”.
My first match is against a tough competitor and Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Rorian Gracie, Ryan Parker. Ryan and I became friends and he started refereeing at Grapplers Quest events soon after. Second match is against Jarred Rollins who was featured on Season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter. If you watch the end of the match, as he passes my guard, he knees me in the temple. I tap him because I was bewildered and before I knew it, my arm was popping…LOL. Lesson learned, “NEVER STOP DURING A MATCH unless the referee says so.” The competitor mentality is different. I’d been training with my children and teen students and the passivity here lost me the match.


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