MMA MAGAZINES: Can you please cover GRAPPLING tournaments? Plea and Opportunity by Brian Cimins

I’ve been in this sport since 1993, I’ve watched “Grappling Magazine” stop covering grappling and jiu jitsu tournaments and fade away into an exclusive Mixed Martial Arts publication.  I’ve seen magazines forget about us, they forgot about Grappling and it makes me sad.  Our GRAPPLING community is stronger, larger and more passionate than any other martial art in the World and the WORLD need to recognize this.  We’re 32,000+ strong on Facebook, 250,000 viewers on YouTube (5 million views), we’re on National TV with FightNow and also host blockbuster events every month with professional photographers and videographers.

We’re ready to sign an EXCLUSIVE print magazine deal for 2 years with the smartest MMA Magazine in the sport.  

What MMA Magazine Editor is ready to stand up and declare”Remember when?

“My MMA Magazine support the grappling community”


I’m a loyalist, just like Spike TV and the UFC, just like Grapplers Quest and FightNow TV –

I’m ready to offer an exclusive MONTHLY event coverage and highlights article

complete with world class photos and featured athlete stories for 2-Years.


You will be the EXCLUSIVE Magazine of Grapplers Quest and I VOW to help boost your membership and subscriptions.  I’ve never offered anything like this before, but I’m truly frustrated and I’m just waiting for the EDITOR to contact me directly.

Let’s make history together!


Email my assistant at:



Brian Cimins, CEO and Founder

Grapplers Quest




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