Why help others? Why Volunteer? by Brian Cimins, Director of “Grappling Autism”


Giving to Autism from the HeartIt’s the greatest mistake to do nothing because you can only do so little or think you have so little time.  Give what you can and do it together.  That’s the power of one, the power of YOU.  Alone, it may feel like we “can do so little”, but change your thinking to ‘Together we can do so much”, commented Brian Cimins, National Director for “Grappling Autism” and President of Grapplers Quest and UFC Fan Expo Event Director.

Find a cause that’s personal to YOU or someone you love and try to support them in any way you can.

Everyone knows that my national cause is AUTISM and we fundraise at every Grapplers Quest worldwide, but many don’t know why.  My 8-year-old nephew Jonathan was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old and started regressing in speech, motor skills and started having near uncontrollable behavioral issues.  Paul Cimins, my older brother, radio host of ‘Hope Saves the Day’ and author of “The Autism Spectrum Diet”, a 500 recipe masterpiece showing families on a budget how to easily create gourmet meals that are gluten and casein free, both known to drastically help with recovering your child.  AutismRadio.org has helped raise more than $6,000 for families in the last two years, but we are just scratching the surface, we need YOUR help.  AutismRadio.org is a 501c3 charitable organization assisting families with successful services for Autistic children that are not covered by insurance.

Please donate today, even $1 helps Autism Radio help more families, every dollar counts, please help at :


God bless and thank you for your support!


Brian Cimins, Founder

‘Grappling Autism’ Fundraising Project

CEO and Founder, Grapplers Quest

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