Bill “The Grill” Cooper – homegrown Grapplers Quest champion Debuts in STRIKEFORCE Tonight in Las Vegas – Brian Cimins

Jeff Glover started competing at Grapplers Quest in 2002 and around 2004 he started raving about this young fifteen year old kid named, Bill Cooper.  Glover told me he was the future, he will be the best.  Bill and Jeff flew out to Grapplers Quest events worldwide for nearly 5 years straight.  Bill Cooper won every division he entered, both teen’s and adults, then Pro divisions, absolute divisions and even superfights in Japan and at UFC Fan Expo.  He is a Grapplers Quest homegrown champion in the truest sense of the term.  As an 16-year old, he filled in a pro tournament as the 4th man in the division and gave Kurt “BatmanPellegrino, the toughest grappling match of his career to that very day.  Pellegrino commented, “Cooper will be a superstar, no doubt.”  

Bill “The Grill” Cooper has always wanted to fight MMA.  “He’s one of the nicest people in the sport, but there is a hunger inside Bill that will make him very successful in Mixed Martial Arts – he’ll be a top 10 contender in the UFC Lightweight division inside the next 18 months, in my opinion,” commented Grapplers Quest CEO, Brian Cimins. “I’m that confident in his abilities and his drive for perfection of character and his skill set, he is truly a Jedi Master of Jiu Jitsu and he will shine in MMA, and soon!”

Personally, Bill Cooper is like the little brother I never had.  I consider him a friend, but I’m also his grappling promoter and advisor.  When people like Bill Cooper grace the mats of grapplers quest, I want them to go onto bigger and brighter things, I want excellence for them personally and professionally and I’ll work to the BONE to make all of their dreams come true…the only catch, they have to work hard, really hard – Cooper is one of those special people and inspirational fighters in the world.  He is already one of the World’s Best Grapplers and definitely, one of the most exciting ones in the World too – his destiny awaits him and I know he’ll achieve everything he’s ever imagined.

Good luck tonight my brother!

Your Friend and Grappling Promoter,

Brian Cimins – CEO and Founder

Grapplers Quest Worldwide

P.S. Follow Bill The Grill on Twitter at:






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