Self-Actualization: The Ultimate Quest in Life by Brian Cimins

Life is great. It’s not because of financial success, it’s because I’m finally realizing what is important in life. I’m getting better every day physically and emotionally. I love my family, my children and my amazing wife, Lucia Lee, more and more, each and every day. I’m close to mastering my mind and my train of thoughts, my physical body is healing, I’m getting stronger, eating healthier, and my soul is being cleansed and refreshed daily by forgiving my enemies, loving my friends and family more and helping others through charity and maintaining the best positive energy possible.

It’s our life quest ultimately, we all search for self actualization – a true knowledge of self, mind, body and spirit – I’m closer than ever and I’m just getting started.

This is MY life “Quest”, everyone has one, close your eyes, dream about what would make you happy in life and PURSUE it!

Your Grappling Promoter and hopefully, a small inspiration to seek self excellence,

Brian John Cimins,
Founder of Grapplers Quest
Promoter of UFC Fan Expo Grappling Tournaments Since Inception

Co-Founder of Grappling Autism:

Host of Grappling Radio on iTunes:

Executive Producer of “The Best of Grapplers Quest” on FightNow TV: and
Pay Per Views, “MMA Grappling Legends” and “Queens of Grappling” available through On Demand – Christmas 2011


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