“The Future of Grappling will have Rashguards mandatory,” Brian Cimins projects

I’ll say it loud and clear, The Future of Grappling will have Rashguards mandatory to protect the health and safety of the competitors in our sport. Last weekend, there was a tournament hosted and we happened to have someone purposely volunteer to help load mats at the end of the night. He reported to me that they didn’t sanitize the mats before rolling and loading them in a dark Budget-style truck where they were stored until the next show, 2-3 weeks later. The mats are dirty and probably crawling with fungus, bacteria and potentially viruses which inside the dark, damp truck grow like wildfire, especially fungi. Make promoters accountable for things like this, it’s sickening to think someone’s son could get herpes on their FACE from a tournament two weeks before where the PROMOTER failed to ensure the cleanliness of their competition surfaces and honestly, they don’t truly care about you, THE COMPETITOR, their customer. Don’t support events who don’t value your health or personal safety of you or your loved ones.

I wrote a SERIOUS blog last year on March 5, 2010 about how this SAME company nearly caused an AMPUTATION, read more here:

Be confident that I do CARE!!!

Grapplers Quest uses NEW mats at every show worldwide, sanitizes them before, during (when needed) and after.
We have skin checks at every weigh-in station with certified doctors or other medical personnel. We CARE about you, because my
face was once on those same mats back in 1997-2005 – I would want to feel confident that the tournament promoter would treat me the same
way I treat you guys. You deserve it and you should DEMAND it from your local grappling promoter!

Sincerely Your Concerned Grappling Promoter,
Brian John Cimins, CEO & Founder
Grapplers Quest Worldwide



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