JOAS ASSIS – A Real Samurai Lives and Dies by the Sword – They don’t sit on the sidelines, Point Fingers and Talk Trash by Brian Cimins

I have all of the respect in the world for Joao Assis. In 2010, he entered every Absolute Division Grapplers Quest offered and won them all. His interview series with me was legendary, because he displayed what the true heart of a grappling samurai is. “Come Fight, we don’t talk to determine the best, we FIGHT,” exuded Joao Assis in my last interview with him. For the record, Joao Assis was supposed to face Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu at Grapplers Quest Las Vegas 2010, but it didn’t happen. Pablo Popovitch, Roberto Abreu, Vinicius Magalhaes, Marcelo Garcia and defending ADCC World Champion, Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro, Rustam Chiesv and many more of the world’s best grapplers all entered our 32-Man Tournament, but at the end, many pulled out, many were injured, but Joao Assis and Alexandre Ribeiro mowed through the competition and met in the Finals. You have the defending ADCC World Champion from the previous year and maintains that title through September 2011, until he puts it on the line again.

Joao Assis defeated Alexandre Ribeiro in a 32-Man tournament that was OPEN to anyone to step up with $12,000 in Cash prizes, it made him the best in the World. Did he stop there and wait until September 2011 to compete again? NO. Did he become an unaffordable prima-donna and demand exorbitant amounts of money to “show” at Grapplers Quest? NO. Joao Assis got sponsors to fly him around America to offer an OPEN challenge at every Grapplers Quest in 2010 to challenge him. I did this, Joao Assis didn’t ask for this, he even wanted me to not make such a big deal. He is a humble and proud champion and successfully defended his title at every show he could attend. That’s a true grappling samurai, not the competitor who picks and chooses his opponents for “superfights” only until the “big show”. Real champions, real competitors, real fighters will continue to challenge themselves, test themselves, try new strategies and train for 4-5 matches in the toughest amateur divisions in the grappling world.

I’ll keep putting out the big sponsor cash prizes and putting OUR proud and hard working champions on National Television in the greatest possible exposure in the history of grappling, the history of martial arts competitions on FightNow TV. Get local listings at:

Joao Assis is a top competitor in Submission Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. The Checkmat black belt under Leo Vieira turned a few heads his way in June 2010, after he submitted Jeff Monson, (a 2x ADCC Champion that hadn’t been tapped in competition for over 10 years) at UFC 114’s Fan Expo (Grapplers Quest), he also won, later that year, against 6x BJJ World Champion, Alexandre Ribeiro. I would promote YOU, just I promoted Cyborg, Bill Cooper, Jeff Glover, Kurt Pellegrino, BJ Penn, Joao Assis and every other BIG name champion that continually defended their title. I’v gotten Bill Cooper signed to Strikeforce for 4-fights – I can do it for YOU too. Believe in me, work hard, win our big amateur and absolute cash divisions and I’ll make you famous in the grappling world – GUARANTEED!

Brian J. Cimins – CEO
Grapplers Quest

P.S. The video below is of Joao Assis facing Davi Ramos on July 9, 2011 – he was undefeated since May 2010 when he submitted Jeff Monson in the Finals of UFC Fan Expo. Davi Ramos had just broken Jeff Monson’s arm, he came out of the woodwork, no one knew who he was – until JULY 9, 2011:


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