10-Time Grapplers Quest Champion, ULYSSES GOMEZ wins at Tachi Palace!


Ulysses Gomez vs. Drew Bittner

Round 1 – Leg kick from Bittner, he shoots, takes Gomez down but gets his head caught in Uly’s guillotine. Uly trying to get up but Bittner holding him down. Uly gets his back to the cage. Bittner puts him back down. Gomez locks on a gogoplata. He is choking Bittner but he escapes and throws a big right. Man, that was a close choke. Gomez threatening and staying busy. Bittner not able to do anything except lay there. Gomez tries to sweep but Bittner controls, lands a left. Two minutes to go. Gomez looks very calm. Gomez landing elbows from his back. Herb FINALLY stands them up. I would have Gomez winning actually even though he was on bottom. Gomez shoots, Bittner locks on a guillotine but Gomez escapes and ends up on his back with Bittner in his full guard. Bittner postures up, misses a big right. I feel biased but I want to give it to Gomez 10-9. Bittner did mostly nothing.

Round 2 – Leg kick Bittner. Gomez misses one., lands one. Bittner shoots, stuffed. Knee to the ribs from Gomez, again. Big ones. They get up, they wrestle and Gomez ends up with a trip takedown and lands on top. Gomez in half guard on top, full mounts, half mount, Bittner gives up his back and Gomez chokes him out! Gomez wipes his brow silently saying “whew!” scoring that much needed win after losing his last bout. Good job Uly!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ulysses Gomez def. Drew Bittner by submission (rear-naked choke)  Rd 2 (1:21)

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