My Way inspired by Louis Russo, My Pop by Brian Cimins

My pop, Louis Thomas Russo was very inspirational. He was a huge Frank Sinatra fan too. His favorite song My Way which talks about someone living the way they wanted to live, without regrets. He taught me to treat my co-workers with respect, but as a boss to always expect excellence.

My Pop passed away three years this October. I miss him every day, but realize how important it is to be a positive role model. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life, but I’m trying every day to improve in every way.

One day, probably 20 years ago, Pop and I were driving on Ratzer Road, a large inclined hill in my hometown of Wayne, New Jersey. Going down the hill, you really pick up speed if you weren’t braking hard. Pop is driving in the middle of the two lanes going down the hill, foot off the brake. I asked him, “Pop, why aren’t you in your lane?”
He calmly responded, “Some people drive to the left, some to the right, but I like driving down the middle, make my own lane and enjoy the ride.” Wow…breaking the law or driving dangerously aside (lol), it always was “His Way”, in the best way possible.

We miss you Pop.


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