Grapplers Quest FLORIDA, AUG. 20: FINAL Weekend to Pre-Reg

FLORIDA, AUG. 20: FINAL Weekend to Pre-Reg for as
low as $79 – don’t delay, visit: http://www.grapplersquest.​com/products/2011-grappler​s-quest-southeast-grapplin​g-championships-fighter-re​gistration

COMPETITOR Pre-Registration Special offer ($160 value)
– Grapplers Quest DVD ($20 value)
– Limited Edition FIGHTER T-Shirt ($20 value)
– $20 off at-the-door pricing ($20 value)
– Free Entry into Judo Ippon Contest ($50 value)
– Free Entry into Wrestling Takedown Tournament ($50 value)
Go to: http://www.grapplersquest.​com/products/2011-grappler​s-quest-southeast-grapplin​g-championships-fighter-re​gistration


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