My first intern and apprentice, Greg Shuryn, A future Public Relations Master – GUARANTEED with Visionary Projection by Brian Cimins

Greg Shuryn contacted our customer service email address with his application for a request for internship at Grapplers Quest for his Public Relations college degree at William Paterson University, right here in my home town of Wayne, New Jersey. I met Greg on Saturday, June 18th at the 2011 U.S. Nationals of Grappling in Morristown, New Jersey. He volunteered to come to set-up on Friday and worked all day to help out, while cutting weight to make his weight class at his 2nd grappling event ever. Greg trains at Up Top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also from Wayne, New Jersey. He helped my father all day – after the set-up my Dad said, “He’s a hard working young man Brian, treat him and guide him well, you can do it.” It was awesome that my father saw the same thing in Greg that I have in the first few months of his internship. He’s a hard working person with passion for charity and the sport of grappling. It’s an honor to have such a hard working person under my tutelage. I’ve always wanted to teach someone what I know, how I work, how I’ve achieved what I’ve achieved. I write this today, Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, Greg Shuryn will be a marketing and public relations MASTER inside of 3 years, own his own Public Relations firm and be Director of Public Relations for Grapplers Quest, Grappling Autism and Autism Radio – it’s already a done deal. The law of attraction is in full effect – believe in yourself, you know more than you think you do. Write your next chapter like its a BOOK. Believe, Achieve, Forgive, Love and LIVE!!!

Many people have called me a “visionary” including Donald Trump Season 2 Apprentice Winner, Kelly Perdew.
Now I truly know why – I love grappling as much as I love my family (maybe a tiny bit less ;-).
I dreamt of running “The World’s Largest Grappling Tournament” – did it,
dreamt of grappling on national television – did it,
dreamt of running $10,000 tournaments every other year – did it,
dreamt of grappling on ESPN – will do it
dreamt of largest sponsorship in grappling history – will do it

Believe in me, believe in our sport and we’ll all take it to the TOP!

Your Grappling Promoter,
Brian J. Cimins, CEO
Grapplers Company, Inc.

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