The future is limitless by Brian Cimins

After flying home with the family last night from Tampa…I fell asleep watching the Minority Report in bed. The way Tom Cruise is moving around documents in that movie blew away everyone back then technology-wise.

At 17 when I left for college, my parents bought me a Smith Carona data processor, the next year a Packard Bell 386 desktop computer and dot matrix printer.

My son was using our Verizon flip phones at 2, iPhones at 3 and IPad at 4. Today, he woke up and realized we weren’t on vacation any more. He grabbed the iPhone, took a picture of himself and text messaged it to the following # “florida” which obviously isn’t a contact in my phone, so that’s why the message “failed” and I saw it.

I asked him, “Logan, why did you send that text?” he responded, “Daddy, I never said goodbye to my girlfriends at the pool.” I replied, “Was that your way to say goodbye?” I asked. “Yes Daddy, they’ll be missed.”

It took us 18 years to go from Word Processors to iPads – imagine what amazing technology awaits our children. These technologies aren’t to be feared or overused – they are tools to help us achieve knowledge. If balanced properly with school, outdoor and exercise, these tools can only help advance our society, ultimately by showing people that their brains are 100 times more powerful than any computer known to man.

I almost fell on the floor laughing. Logan John Cimins is a little Romeo in training, we’ll keep him respectful, don’t worry. Brian



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