I was never afraid of failure because of my Mom by Brian Cimins

I woke up this morning late, I worked until 3:40am Lloyd Irvin style last night. My head was a little cloudy and as I drank my late morning coffee, I got the email I just needed from my mom, Phyllis Cimins.

“I was never afraid of failure, for I would sooner fail than not be among the best!” Thanks Mom, that’s what I needed, some days, I need inspiration too.

Brian Cimins Flashback to 1997, as she believed in my vision for Grapplers Quest and wrote me a $1,750 check from her credit card (25% interest) to help me run the first Grapplers Quest ever.
about a minute ago ·

Parents, do you see the POWER of believing in your child? We all are limitless with our potential in life, our COUNTRY needs more entrepreneurs and without my AMAZING MOM, you’d have one less plus all of the people I’ve inspired and supported along the years. Do you now see how the ripple effect of POSITIVE energy, love and support can change the world?

1977 video of my Mom helping me walk – she always did


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