2011 ADCC Worlds – Six Home Grown Grapplers Quest Champions Advance to Semi-Finals by Brian Cimins

2011 ADCC World Championships – 6 Grapplers Quest Champions Advanced to Semi-Finals of Day 1

Semi-Finalists for 2011 ADCC World Championships:
– Jeff Glover (debuted at GQ in 2002)
– Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (debuted in 2006)
– Vinny Magalhaes (debuted in 2004)
– Dean Lister (debuted in 2000)
– Alexandre Ribeiro (debuted by replacing brother Saulo in
2002 Superfight Absolute at Grapplers Quest in New Jersey –
winning the title, submitting Jeff Monson in the finals

Bring it home fellas!!! Fulfil your destinies – your QUEST – show everyone where The World’s Best Grapplers compete…Grapplers Quest – anyone that says different doesn’t know their history.

Your grappling promoter,
Brian J. Cimins, CEO
Grapplers Quest

P.S. I’m proud to see ADCC still using the logo I personally designed in 2006 before the 2007 World Championships I hosted in New Jersey. They never paid for the usage or the rights to it, but I guess it’s just nice to see I did a good job. LOL

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