Logan Signs my MacBook Pro and APPLE Fixes it FREE of Charge – Best Customer Service EVER by Brian Cimins


Logan John woke up early today, school was cancelled for holiday and school meetings. I woke up at 7:18am to find marker everywhere Logan was this morning plus his nails and toes covered in Pink nail polish — ughh…but I kept my cool and didn’t yell. I fully controlled my emotions and frustration and just asked him why he did it. He replied, “Today was arts and crafts day at school, but there was no school. I wanted to color on the iPad, but it was dead. I’m sorry Dadda.”

So, I controlled my thoughts, I controlled my anger – I didn’t flip out. I tried to clean it with “Lens Wipes”, nothing. I just called Apple and scheduled a service drop-off. I had posted this to Facebook early in the morning. When I arrived and brought out the computer to show what Logan’s “John Hancock” on my 21″ laptop screen. One of the technicians mentioned that someone in corporate customer service was forwarded my story from Facebook and they wanted to show us APPLE is listening to their loyal customers.

It was amazing – I went from about to pay an $800 screen replacement (and just live with the Permanent marker on the outer shell) to paying $0 because APPLE is a very special company who will forever be a powerhouse and successful business with exemplary customer service coupled with high quality products. I will strive to be like APPLE always and will forever remember this day for the funny story with Logan and how it all played out. Try not to sweat the small stuff – even if I had to purchase a brand new $2,700 laptop replacement, at the end of my life, the amount of money I saved or spent during my life will not matter. It’s the special loving relationship we develop together as father and son. I broke my Dad’s $3,000 laptop screen at 20 years old and he barely yelled at me and I remember how much it cost to repair ($900). I tried to emulate my Dad – thank you father.

Logan, I forgive and love you, it’s a funny story now for us to share for many years.

Apple is amazing. Period.

With Love Always,


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