Write your Future and Past Roles or Joys in Life Here Brian Cimins

What have you done in YOUR life?
What do you WANT to do in your life?

– Inspirational Speaker
– College Scholarship Program Founder,
“Entrepreneurial Charity Challenge”
– Brand Developer
– Marketing Visionary
– Industry Builder
– Fight Expo Creator
– College Professor for Entrepreneurial Studies
– High School Teacher for Entrepreneurial Studies
– Women’s Rights in Sports (petitioned to get females approved in ADCC)
– Grapplers Quest Brand Developer
– Philanthropist for Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Alzheimers and Mental Disorders
– Product Development for Apparel and Fashion Industry
– Horseback Riding Champion
– Pilot and Aviator
– Racecar Driver
– Beach Conservationist
– Martial Arts Instructor
Black Belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu
Black Belt in Koekan Karate
Black Belt in Hapkido
Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (future)
– Sponsorship Sales
– Web site Sales
– Domain Name Sales (BillClinton.com)
– Song Writer and Producer
– Television Producer
– DVD Producer (23 titles)
– Father (2 amazing children, Logan born June 13, 2007 and Kaylee, born May 28, 2009)
– Son (parents are Paul and Phyllis Cimins)
– Brother (Paul Cimins, born June 29, 1971
– Uncle (Emily, Jonathan, Zach and Marlee)
– Candy Retail Sales in Middle School
– CVS and Bradlees Store worker
– Child World Bird Keeper (1989 at 13 years old)
– Sales for Campusac Backpack College Store Sales
– Sales for Everlast Sports Bags and Hats
– Sales for Energy Bars for Everlast Licensee
– Loyalty Marketing Director at Net2Phone
– Supplement product development
– Charity Fundraising for Autism
– APP Developer
– Author of “Grappling Depression”
– Author of “Meditate with Me” (Meditation Program)
Write your FUTURE here…what ELSE will you do for the world, for your family, for your finances, for fun???


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