SHAME ON YOU – Letter from Terhune School of Wayne Public Schools Regarding my 4-Year-Old Son, Logan

Dear Mr. Cimins,

On Friday, October 28, 2011, the preschool class will be going on a field trip to Farmstead Estates in Ringwood, New Jersey. Due to Logan’s current challenging behavior, we feet that it would be in his best interest that you chaperone him on the field trip.

If you are not available to attend the field trip, Logan will not be permitted to join the preschool classes on this field trip. Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,
Marion R. McGrath


Our Response Letter to Principal McGrath:

My son Logan mastered the alphabet and counting to 100 before he was 2 years old, he even started speaking at just 9 months old. Before three years old, he mastered functionality, games, applications, text messaging and phone calls on an iPhone. Before he was four years old, he mastered the iPad, iTunes, Facetime, Art Programs, regularly reads and downloads new books, music and other educational games. Your school tested him and he scored “SUPERIOR” in nearly all but three sections which were behavior related. He’s smarter than the average four year old, needless to say.

Our first communication with you was last week, when you called us stating that our four year old 32-lbs. son, “Hit a teacher” and we needed to “come pick him up immediately”, which wasn’t physically possible due to our work.

That very same day, he came home with FOUR nail digs on the left side of his rib cage and told me that Miss Amy hurt him. Logan is in a special needs class solely to help him with his behavioral challenges. Your school recommended we get our son have a pshyciatrist, who immediately diagnosed him with ADHD and Impulse Disorder. There is NO diagnostic test, but we went along with the “best judgement of the social servants” who supposedly have our child’s best interest at heart, but this entire experience screams that the Wayne educational system is not prepared to handle people that learn in different ways, people who are gifted, little who are FOUR YEARS OLD.

He started the medication and started experiencing major depression symptoms.
Do you know how many children commit suicide annually while taking ADDERALL?

Are you comfortable with that Principal? For someone who supposedly cares about and looks after children, I certainly hope you wouldn’t risk ONE child’s death to make a special education teacher’s life a little easier. Teachers for special needs should behave better training with Social and Behavioral disorders like ADHD and Autism. My brother is the Founder of Hope Saves the Day for Autism, a 501c3 charitable organization who helps supports parental rights just for cases just like this. Check out his organization at:

So, to avoid our 4-year-old’s depression symptoms and risk of death and his inability to sleep, we removed him from the medication and I pushed forward for Alternative Treatments, Supplements and Meditation practice. The depression symptoms subsided, his sleep improved and he’s been a happy, fun loving kid at home. Since we removed him from the medication, we’ve been treated differently, like we made some sort of mistake for preventing a HORRIBLE outcome like one of the families below:

Back to the issue at hand in reference to the FIELD TRIP — you are telling me that if a self employed parent can’t take the day off of work, you will not allow his life to be enriched for that special day as an enrolled student in a special needs program. You and your teachers, who are paid and supposedly specially trained to deal with children with challenges, cannot handle my four year old son. They have already projected NEGATIVE vibes and feelings towards our son that “he’ll be a terror” on October 28 ruining everyone’s experience, never even giving him a chance, unless we’re there to do the job of the teacher. Rather than projecting negative imagery, give a four year old a chance and stop treating him differently and with prejudice, because its exactly what’s happening. We will not and cannot tolerate it and I have no fear in contacting the media directly to address this. See that chart up to the top right that YOU are so proud of…Logan could not only be one of those brilliant students to raise the bar, he will be one of those people who change the world. My Senior Year Wayne Public School Academic advisor told me, “Don’t aim too high for college entrances, maybe apply to some local County Colleges.” I’ve built industries and helped thousands of people around the world since High School in the last 18 years with barely passing and C level grades in Wayne Public School System. We are NOT products of “your” education system, we are revolutionaries of the old, antiquated educational system, we define culture, develop trends and create entire industries – we are VISIONARIES, your school system doesn’t mold minds, it builds cogs in the wheel, America’s biggest challenge to compete against the rest of the world.


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