The Most Honest Interview I’ve Ever Heard – Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino

Watch the great interview here – please leave feedback on YOUR thoughts:

Kurt Pellegrino is one of America’s best grapplers and jiu jitsu fighters and one of the nicest people in the sport today.  He is the first MMA fighter to open up about the emotional challenges and family time crunching that many of us in the sport experience.  Kurt Pellegrino is one of my grappling heroes for being undefeated at Grapplers Quest and going on to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship so many times, but most for his honesty and openness about his educational and reading challenges and for sharing his true heart with the world.  He is a braver warrior than most – it is the dawn of a revolution of people facing their subconscious thoughts, facing their fears, and taking back control of their lives.  I’m proud of you Kurt, keep it up my brother!

Your Friend, Brian Cimins


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