Who’s Your Butch Cassidy? Entrepreneurs facing Growing Pains – YOU ARE NOT ALONE – 100% Charity Donation Based Life Coaching

Who’s Your Butch Cassidy in Life? Entrepreneurs facing Growing Pains – YOU ARE NOT ALONE – 100% Charity Donation Based Life Coaching


If you are “The Sundance Kid” who’s your PARTNER?  Is it your wife?  Your best friend? A client? A Coach? Is it no one? 

Who’s helping you grow as a person each day? Who’s helping you face and conquer your fears?  Who’s taking the emotional plunge with you as you navigate the world of entrepreneurship alone? What are you reading to expand your mind? Who’s helping you lay out new creative, money making ideas and strategies?

Do you buy self improvement books and they sit on the shelf, like the purchase bought the knowledge? Are you experiencing “CEMENT SHOES” where you feel helpless in this challenging economy?  Before you throw in the TOWEL on your business, I’m putting out an offer that just might transform your whole LIFE inside of five hours with me.

I’ll coach YOU for FREE with your $1,000 Donation to Autism Radio (a 501c3 which helps support families dealing with Autism every day and Home of Worldwide Radio Show and Broadcast, Hope Saves The Day, the original family support and Autism breaking news at- http://AutismRadio.org) , I just want to help people heal their lives and show entrepreneurs how to attain true success without the “pedal to the metal” heart pounding, earth shaking, desolate life of the “SOLO” in S-Corporation – YOU.  You are all on your own, the World of Entrepreneurship is enticing and alluring, you fall into a trance like Adam Sandler in “CLICK” and miss valuable years of your family life, for what?  If you ONLY pursue the almighty dollar, you will not have true happiness.  You must find what electrifies your life, what makes you SMILE from ear to ear and figure out how the lay out a step-by-step blue print of how you can re-energize your life and your business plus help you attain the next level in happiness and success.  ENTREPRENEURS: You are not alone, let me help you transform your life and business.  

Your Strategy Coach,
Brian J. Cimins

Please watch How Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) challenges Robert Redford (Sundance Kid) to face his fear of drowning, fairly creatively, I might add, one of the BEST scenes in any move of all-Time, in my opinion “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”

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