Inspirational Quote from Phyllis Cimins, “Make My Life’s Impact Be Greater Than My Lifespan”, Mother to Brian Cimins

“Make My Life’s Impact Be Greater Than My Lifespan”
– Phyllis Cimins

Phyllis Cimins is Mother to Paul Cimins, Culinary Institute of America Master Chef, Author of “The Spectrum Diet” and Book series, Founder of 501c3 charity, Autism Radio and Host of Hope Saves the Day, the first Autism Family Support radio program and Brian Cimins, Stockton College Honors Graduate, Founder of Grapplers Quest, Grappling Autism Charity Program Director, Life Improvement Specialist and Strategic Interventionist.

Phyllis Cimins spoke the truth throughout our lifetime, lovingly pushing us along in life, even through the darkest hours of our lives. She vowed to us to NEVER quit, because of her tenacious work ethic. Thanks Mom!


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