Which is more important, your career or YOUR LIFE? by Brian Cimins, Life Coach, Healer and Survivor

The Oncologist said, “Brian, if you were my son, I’d tell you to get your tumor removed tomorrow.”

I responded, “But Doc, I have two huge events for Grapplers Quest in July, UFC Fan Expo in Vegas and USA Championships in New Jersey.”

He replied, “Well, you have a vascular tumor on your chest that’s connected to your lung and above your chest muscle through your 2nd rib. This is very serious Brian, the tumor has dark matter which is alarming enough to have them removed immediately. Which is more important, your career or potentially YOUR LIFE?”

WOW…I’ve been living in denial and burying myself with work to emotionally avoid the fact that I needed to schedule these very important procedures and trying to balance my business, family and LIFE in general, but I forgot the second principle from Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich philosophy of “Enduring riches” is SOUND PHYSICAL HEALTH. Positive mental attitude is number one and I saw what tremendous benefits it’s already brought to my life. In a way, the philosophy of enduring riches is not only about material things that money can buy.

I will fight through this, successfully get this procedure done and I will defeat whatever life obstacles are thrown at me. I am a WARRIOR for my health, for my wife, for my family, for my cause, for my children, for my friends, for my parents, for my son Logan and daughter Kaylee, for the sport of grappling.

I am a HEALER and will focus ALL of my positive energy towards healing myself, for once in my life. Thank you for always believing in me, please know that your POSITIVE thoughts, PRAYERS and LOVE guarantee my 100% health. Please do not send nervous energy from FEAR – just believe in the power of my mind and the doctors. “WE WIN OR WE PERISH” – THEY WON!

Today, after three months of putting my personal health on the back burner, I’m finally scheduling my surgery. Since the one on my chest is connected to my lung vascularly (with veins) and has a odd shape (double mushroom) connecting through my 2nd rib. When I breathe it pulls my lung, it’s a very weird “shortness of breath” and “chest tightening” feeling. I’ve lived eternities, my soul is already ascending, I will be healed and continue my Life’s Quest!

We are NOT defined by “what we do” but rather by who we inspire, who we help, who we truly loved and the amazing legacy and journey we live and leave in this amazing world. My journey is just beginning, think of me as the healthy Brian who will rise up again and be the inspirational and motivational leader and pioneer the World needs. I will fulfill my destiny, my story is just beginning…

Your Strategy Coach,
Brian J. Cimins


One thought on “Which is more important, your career or YOUR LIFE? by Brian Cimins, Life Coach, Healer and Survivor

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  1. Updated for GREAT NEWS!! My scan from my back came back 100% healthy tissue – NO Surgery necessary! Great news, is I only have ONE surgery now for the one on my chest. Thank you for ALL of the positive energy. Do you see how it manifests?


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