Confidence Anchor and Self Esteem Secret from Elvis Presley by Brian Cimins

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Will the REAL Confident ME please stand up? If not now, when?


We need to recognize, harness and build our own resources and talents to generate REAL self confidence and Self Esteem. I’ve never written about my early life challenges to speak publicly, but they were VERY severe, to the point of stuttering and complete loss of focus or group engagement, especially in high school. A lot changed after teaching martial arts classes and fighting in a full contact Shootfighting match in 1997 as well as competing in various grappling tournaments. I used that as a “emotional anchor” to realize I could always face and conquer my fears, but my ability to tap into that brain wave of extreme confidence “on demand” was missing. Esteem and Confidence cannot be given, it must be earned. There are Self-Driven personal and intrinsic goals that are VITAL to our happiness and success in life, both personally and professionally with the acquisition of self knowledge and mental exploration.

I wanted to figure out exactly how to replicate the mental state of pure confidence so I could literally reprogram my subconscious mind in an instant – I needed to find the TRIGGER inside myself to calm my mind and listen to my heart, EVERYONE DOES! We cannot look to others for confidence or self esteem to grow, WE must find them both within ourselves. It should always be our ultimate life quest, because confidence and full knowledge and acceptance and love of self is necessary for true happiness.

How can YOU create self-confidence or self esteem for yourself?

I hope this little story helps you like it did to me…I

Elvis Presley Story by Brian Cimins*ELVIS PRESLEY CONFIDENCE Challenge STORY from Dr. Stephen Simpson.
The great Elvis Presley suffered from Performance Anxiety and Depression. Women loved him, many men wanted to be him, and he was THE KING, but nobody really knew what mental challenges or low self-esteem and confidence issues he faced.

In his standard contract agreements for performances, he would request that his dressing room for 1,000 yards from the stage.

As he nervously got ready for that night’s show, applying makeup and picking out his costumes for the performance, he was physically transforming, both mentally and physically into “The King”.

As Elvis walked the 1,000+ yards to the stage, fully dressed and ready to perform, but he always finished his mental transformation into THE KING on stage. Please Watch the video above to see what I’m talking about…Elvis starts off on stage with his hand in his pocket, a little insecure, even singing uncomfortably and a little off key, almost shy, then SOMETHING happens and he comes alive. Maybe his trigger was hearing the crowd SCREAM for 45 seconds before his “Confidence Anchor” deployed. Who knows exactly what he did, but it was definitely something for sure, because he literally transforms on stage. Then, the transformation happens and at around 45 seconds, you see the confident “KING of ROCK” emerge. Facing his fear of performance anxiety was an every day occurrence and his rituals and confidence anchors allowed him to conquer his life’s demons and sing from his heart and soul, confidently and beautifully, even if just for those few hours on stage.

From this moment forward, remember everything GOOD that happens to you. Many of us can easily remember all the BAD things that happen to us in our life like a shopping list.

1. Start a “GREAT things that happen to me” list (Journal or in Notes on Smartphone or iPhone) that happen to you and review it every day when you add the next good thing from that day.

2. Each time something GOOD happens to you or you feel great mentally, take a moment and create a a physical “confidence anchor” to help reprogram your brain and subconscious mind. Some people touch their index finger and thumb, some put their tongue on the roof of their mouth, some actors or performers make the shape of a heart with their hands and place it over their heart…do whatever feels natural and comfortable to you, but DO SOMETHING and make it stick!

3. Once your “confidence anchor” is set – meditate on re-creating that “Good Thing” moment in your brain and re-program the anchor three times. Imagine everything about the moment when something GREAT happen to you can access it any time whenever you need it in your mind.

Some of you may think it sounds silly, but honestly try it and give me your feedback.
It WILL gets results, many great professional speakers do it and I do it before every speech I give to this day, regardless if it’s 200 people live at Fight Summit or 50,000 people at Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo, aka The Ultimate at Mandalay Bay Events Center.

——————-POST NOTES:
I really wish Elvis Presley was able conquer his personal demons in life, rather than just on stage. We lost a great one there. He sadly self medicated using drugs and alcohol later in life which is why we lost him to an overdose. If you cannot find peace inside, alone without anyone or anything else, you are not truly able to face the REAL you. Joe Rogan speaks about the Isolation Tank in his podcast

Rest in Peace Elvis.


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