Paul Cimins and Autism Radio Charity Visit First High School for Autism – The Children’s Institute in Livingston, New Jersey

Paul Cimins and Autism Radio Charity Visit First High School for Autism - The Children's Institute in Livingston, New Jersey

Livingston, New Jersey – Paul Cimins, Founder of Autism Radio and Host of the World’s First Family Support Radio Program, Hope Saves The Day (iHeartRadio and iTunes and streaming at: visited and set up a booth at The Children’s Institute (TCI) new campus in Livingston, New Jersey for their 2013 Health and Fitness fair and open house on Friday, February 1, 2013.

In September 2012, TCI opened the Livingston campus which includes a higher learning and high school experience unlike any other school for Autism or Special needs in New Jersey.

The Principal Gina Catania and Teachers alike happily greeted and toured with Paul Cimins and Life Coach and Mindful Meditation teacher, Brian Cimins who recently launched the “Coaching for Autism” Charity Fundraising program ( Loyal listener and TCI’s resident Computer Specialist, Randall Palmer kindly assisted in loaning Autism Radio a laptop to play


The TCI program targeted for ages 14-21 years old helps children and young adults the life skills and real world training necessary with an ultimate goal of self sustained living.

The Livingston TCI school is revolutionary in their class offerings in addition to general subjects, TCI pushes the envelope further than any high school for special needs including Horticulture, Television and Radio production, Yoga, Fencing, Zumba, Martial Arts, Culinary Arts, Dance, Music and one of the best art programs on the East Coast of the United States.

Transition and Self-Sustaining programs include overnight sleep overs where students make their own beds, set the table and even make their own meals.

Paul Cimins, father of Jonathan Cimins, a 9-year-old boy with Autism set up his Autism Radio (501c3) charity booth to give away his new comic book “HopeMan” and free Gluten Free and Casein Free Recipes, Parent Support Cards and meeting and greeting some amazing new friends and members of the Autism Community. Cimins also debuted his Free Training Online Program for Cooking for Autism, check out Episode 1 here:

TCI is changing lives and helping create a real vision of tomorrow for many families and young men and women with Autism, it is remarkable and beautiful what they’ve created.

Everyone in attendance witnessed some the beautiful and endearing relationships between the teachers and students during the most challenging adolescent years. If you have a child with Aspergers or Autism and looking for a great school in Essex County and Livingston area, please set up a tour with your child at The Children’s Institute in Livingston, New Jersey – I think your family will love it!

For more information on the amazing program offerings from The Children’s Institute who offers programs for all ages with Autism, go to:

The State of New Jersey, the County of Essex and everyone involved with The Children’s Institute should be extremely proud of what they’ve created in Livingston, New Jersey. In appreciation of and celebration of the new school, Brian Cimins ( has offered a Mindful Meditation Course for Adults and Parent Business and Life Consulting, Paul Cimins will be brought in as a Guest Chef to teach cooking and Hair Stylist in Florham Park, New Jersey.


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