Reading To Your Children Is Mind Expanding by Brian Cimins

Reading To Your Children Is Mind Expanding by Brian Cimins

Tonight, my 5-year-old son Logan begged me to stay up until his Mom got home from the Hair Salon, so she could read to him. His chosen book tonight, Hercules.

Something in my heart said, don’t argue with him about bed time tonight, just go with it and even write about this – someone will read this one day and read to their child for the first time in a long time, tonight. No pressure 😉

Hearing Lucia read to Logan, I flashed back to my father reading to me as a young boy and I remembered the amazing dreams I would experience especially from one of my favorites “Jack the Giant Killer”. I believe reading to your children massively enhances the right side of their brain, the creative thinking and visionary part of your mind. If you want to help enhance your children’s potential and enhance their creative ability – just read to them every night they ask for starters. Let them pick out their favorite book from your local library and read one chapter per night.


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