Gift Ideas for VALENTINES DAY for the Woman of Your Dreams – Perfect Gift for Wife or Girlfriend

Gift Ideas for VALENTINES DAY for the Woman of Your Dreams - Perfect Gift for Wife or Girlfriend

Many Companies send Free Samples to review for our blog all of the time, but I wanted to write about a particular brand new product Cheri Heberling (Founder of Super Body Care) sent last week called, Cleopatra’s Power Eau De Parfum Lotion by Super Body Care (

I will attest to the EFFECTIVENESS of Cleopatra’s Power because all Lucia asked for Valentines Day was another full body massage. All I did was massage her temples, jaw, neck with SuperBodyCare’s Cleopatra’s Power for about 3 minutes, then used Super Body Care’s Regular Body Lotion for the rest of her body for about 12 minutes. Fifteen minutes and I was her romantic hero!

You may think I’m a corny romantic, but wait until your woman smells this new Super Body Care product – wait until YOU smell it, wait until you massage her temples with it! We all need Romance tips, me especially, and I will say that this product and a little effort can definitely enhance your connection. In committed long term relationships, we must remember that we are growing as people and the “old ways” need a refresher course every once in a while. Try something new to rekindle romance guys, don’t think it’ll turn her on to watch TV and News for three hours before bed.

Please read the description of this new product from – and pleasantly SURPRISE YOUR woman!

Super Body Care Cleopatra Power
Super Body Care Cleopatra Power
“Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion is now available!!

For the true tales of Cleopatra and the power and influence behind the natural aphrodisiac, Jasmine, please read below:
If you already know the story and want it pronto for Valentine’s Day, click here, we’re shipping today:!/~/product/category=4674110&id=19916505

True Tales of Fragrance, Seduction, and Power.

Everyone knows of Cleopatra’s sexual prowess.

One of her coveted strategies for love and war harnessed the fragrance of pure Jasmine blossoms. She adorned herself with it nearly every day.

One day, Cleopatra set sail to meet Mark Antony, the Great Roman General. She drenched her ship’s sails in Jasmine, as well as herself so that when her ship pulled into port, Marc Antony was overwhelmed with the fragrance of Jasmine, a natural aphrodisiac. As a result, he fell immediately in love with Cleopatra and left his Roman Empire for her.

Harness the power, influence, and sexual prowess captured in all settings: Love & War

Made with Egyptian Jasmine imported from Cleopatra’s homeland; and contains natural shimmer from the mineral Mica. Adorn your wrists, neck, décolleté and lower back.

Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion is formulated from genuine elements straight out of Egypt… we can only produce a limited quantity of them.

The Secret Cleopatra Youth Serum
Jasmine was used for amplifying the pleasure between man and woman in ancient times. For Cleopatra, it gave her both power and an erotic edge in the men she conquered both in war and in her bedroom. Cleopatra’s Power comes in a beautiful silver matte bottle equipped with a perfect parfum lotion pump. It also come dressed with a silver loop

Cleopatra was said to be the daughter of Goddess Isis. The Queen donned only the finest fashion of Egyptian and Greek cultural magnificence. Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion comes in a beautiful silver trim bottle 50 ml / 1.6 oz with parfum style pump. Attached by silver loop to the bottle is a small booklet introducing Cleopatra’s Power eau de Parfum Lotion and the history of Cleopatra and Jasmine.

The Ideal Gift for the Queen in your life
Cleopatra’s Power makes an ideal and a unique gift for the woman (Queen) in your life. Spice things up a little and order your Cleopatra’s Power today. We ship USPS 2-3 day priority.

Cleopatra’s Power is seasonal. Supplies Very Limited.
We can only import a limited quantity of this secret power once a year. When our supplies run out, then you’ll have to wait until next year to order.
Monday, Feb 11, is the last day we recommend to ship for Valentine’s Day.

Order now by clicking here.!/~/product/category=4674110&id=19916505


Don’t just tell her you love her – SHOW HER every day in every way 🙂


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