Winners Just do it – They Do it and Do it and Do it until the job gets done by Art Williams and Thoughts by Brian Cimins

Nike made the “Just Do It” slogan very famous with major sponsorships with Michael Jordan and other famous athletes, but the concept was around for many generations before Nike ever existed.

As an entrepreneur, you are a LEADER and self-motivator at times. If you work alone, you don’t have anyone pushing you along, setting your schedule or encouraging you or anyone to bounce ideas off of.

Successful entrepreneurs must master time management, balance their life circles between family, friends and work, and ultimately figure out to keep the flame from your burning desire burning eternally.

We all need a pick-up every once in a while – we all need a pat on the back, but as entrepreneurs, you might not get it.

Art Williams speech gets me going every week and I suggest you watch it and seek out other leaders who positively affect you. What are you watching? What are you reading? What youtube videos inspired you yesterday?

Keep pushing forward and remember to look up every once in a while to enjoy the fruits of your labor of love.

With Your Success in Mind,
Brian J. Cimins,
Strategic Interventionist


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