WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT – How to Treat Spider Bite with Essential Oil Natural Miracle from Super Body Care

WARNING – the following video shows VERY graphic photos from a SPIDER BITE THAT I RECEIVED LAST FALL…if you are sensitive to graphic photos, please hit STOP now. This video is solely to help increase Local Spider Awareness as well as Show an Alternative Natural Treatments to avoid extensive scarring and improve healing times for Spider Bites.

I woke up early for the 6AM flight and quickly showered, then noticed I was experiencing a burning pain in my leg, but no noticeable cause. I was running late for my flight to Vegas, so I flew out the door. within 5 hours, everything changed – I was very sick on the plane and had two large blisters where my leg was burning in the morning.

in the Cab on the way to my hotel… I quickly google searched SPIDER BITE BLISTER NEW JERSEY and was BLOWN AWAY…

FIRST RESULT from eHow.com (http://eHow.com) said —-“Bites from this type of spider will cause a person to develop a hard white blister where they were bitten. Later the blister will blacken as the tissue dies. The blister will then flake off, leaving a wound that will scar. It can take up to three months for these bites to heal on their own. Open wound Infection likelihood is medium to high which is usually why Anti-Biotics are prescribed.”

LiveStrong.com (http://LiveStrong.com) which I read,
“The tissue at the site may become necrotic, which means tissue death; skin may slough off or need to be surgically removed, or debrided. Debridement is not used as frequently as it used to be, since it appears to slow healing. The wound at the bite site can become as large as a hand. The wound can take several months to heal, and may leave a scar.”

I was feeling ill by this time and fear was setting in after my GOOGLE adventure. My wife Lucia reminded me that Skin Care Specialist and Master Aromatherapist, Cheri Heberling, the owner of SUPER BODY CARE had a booth at Mr. Olympia and maybe she had some advice for a NATURAL way to treat my bite to avoid Antibiotics if at all possible.

I showed Cheri my exploded Spider Bite Blister…
And Whipped out a Hand Written bottle of the Super Body care Master Formula Essential Oil and confidently said, “it will help heal the wound and protect any further damage to tissue”

I started applying the Super Body Care Essential Oil two to three times daily and it helped save a lot of tissue on my leg and completely healed the wound and protected the surround skin in just 11 days. Super Body Care proved to me that PURE Essential Oils have TRUE HEALING properties, even for SPIDER BITES

Thank you Cheri and Super Body Care
Learn more about their Essential Oil based products at: http://SuperBodyCare.com

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