Good always defeats Evil – Raising Limitless Kids by Brian Cimins


My 5-year-old son, Logan is an amazing little boy, but he’s also quite the comic book artist in the making. He dreams about “missions” all day long and plays real life missions with Daddy (me) after school. His imagination is fascinating and quite admirable. He scripts 14-16 page comic books, I’ve kept them all.

I enjoy his story time immensely because I know I’m only adding to a very special mind that absorbs and grows from every piece of knowledge gained. Logan spends hours every day drawing comic books by hand with marker and just started to use Microsoft Paint about 3 weeks ago. I believe he has a bright future in whatever he decides to do in life and will never pressure him towards any particular career or skill, I will simply offer him (and Kaylee) as many opportunities as I possibly can to expand their minds and fulfill their maximum potential and complete destiny in life.

One of our most important jobs as parents is to realize that we are helping raise the next generation of great leaders. If we want true change, we must start with the generation who will be tested like no other in the history of mankind.

We can teach our children to be strong willed, open minded, creative and free their minds from previous limitations.

Let your kids try every FREE class offering in your local area for new hobbies, sports, martial arts, rock climbing and other family bonding experience. Whatever hobbies are requested to try can be linked to positive behavior or another milestone. Logan tries martial arts next week if he can keep his hands to himself all week at school. We must offer positive reinforcement for positive behavior and stay with the program. Your kids can do anything they set their minds to, we need to remind ourselves the same and remove the psychological ceilings we’ve placed above us.

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