AUTISM Light It Up Blue Campaign Should Be Renamed to Line Our Pockets Green by Brian Cimins

Light It Up Blue Campaign Renamed to Line Our Pockets with Green by Brian Cimins

THIS IS MY 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHT OPINION COLUMN on the Autism Speaks “Charity” Marketing Ploy known as “Light It Up Blue” to Capitalize on the Soft Hearts of Millions of People Worldwide.

Autism Speaks was the first to raise money and awareness for Autism. They’ve spent millions of your hard earning dollars on overpaid underachieving employee salaries and advertising campaigns which just seem to raise more money than awareness, but very little support to real suffering families or tangible treatments or supplements that they support to help improve the lives of these amazing children and adults dealing with Autism every day.

“Line Our Pockets with Green” S6081-SAT-2

Autism Speaks has received $300 million from the United States Government and the same year cut their family support funds by 17%.

One of Autism Speaks’ loyal donators applied for Family services and support with a total family income of $42,000 and was denied – he has been unemployed for two years and stayed home to take care of his non-verbal Autistic son. Thanks Autism Speaks, that was when I realized it was all FAKE.

Autism Speaks pays many employees $600,000+ each and I’m sick and tired of the world not knowing what they’ve actually set up. They basically are a for profit corporation masquerading as a charity to capitalize on the goodness of millions and ignorance of many more.

In fact, here’s where some of the fundraising money is going –
Salaries $18,484,028
Science Grants $15,790,797
Supplies and Equipment $3,332,651
Benefits $2,989,492
Professional Services $2,877,697
Advertising $2,212,520
Family Services $2,048,552

Ignorance doesn’t mean you are stupid or dumb, please don’t confuse or inter-change the two words. Ignorance is a state of being uninformed or lack of knowledge. You probably didn’t know that their lead scientists and top level executives made $700,000.

I love marketing, but I hate when it’s used to manipulate the public and pull the wool over the eyes of amazing people who just want to help children or families with Autism.

The Light it Up Blue is a clever and manipulative campaign to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day. In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly, not Autism Speaks declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) with the goal of bringing the world’s attention to autism, a pervasive disorder that affects tens of millions globally.

You bummed me out Brian…WHAT NOW? It’s AUTISM Awareness Month, it’s April 2nd, it’s World Autism Awareness Day. Please take a deep breath and know there is HOPE!

Is there any other charities for Autism and Aspergers that doesn’t take salaries? Is there another Autism charity that has 100% volunteers? Is there another charity that doesn’t take massive contributions from Pharmaceutical companies? Is there an Autism charity that hasn’t been bought out by the United States Government? Do your research.

Some people just HELP OTHERS because that’s how it’s supposed to be. Autism Speaks helps themselves first, then pays back all of the favors their donations bought them, then finally, low on the totem pole, the Autism community. They are the conglomerate McDonalds of the Autism community – but instead of poisoning our bodies, they are poisoning our HOPE for these amazing children, as they squander BILLIONS of dollars in “Awareness Campaigns”. We’re AWARE – what have you done with our BILLIONS OF DOLLARS Autism Speaks?


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