Turn Negative News to Proactive Action – Peter Diamandis – Abundance is our Future with Thoughts by Brian Cimins

Many of my Coaching clients share or often want to discuss disturbing “end of the world” scenarios, doomsday, wars and rumors of wars, Monsanto GMOs and every other NEGATIVE news story you could possibly imagine.

While we are flooded with negative news, our hope in the abundance and quality of our future generations diminishes. If we get stuck in the negative downward spiral of the media, we can lose our focus. Our goal in life can be to help others and during tough times, the greatest humans on planet Earth stand up and answer the call. Please don’t live in fear of the negative media, instead, turn it off and think about YOU can “HELP OTHERS” to make the world the place YOU want it to be.

Don’t just scream from the mountain tops, do something instead. In the movie “Network”, he famously says, “First, You got to Get MAD”. I get it, we need to be inspired, but Just don’t stay mad forever, hear the negative news and let it immediately start the neurological pathway creation to make the WORLD the place you want it to be. Use your visionary ability to look forward in the future and envision a world you are proud to live in.

Keep pushing forward, inspire yourself by seeking your interests, improving your faults, being a better friend and fellow human and YOU will start to see the radical change you want. It’s YOUR world, this is YOUR chance to make a difference.


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