ULTIMATE Secret To Sell or Rent Your Home or Apartment Faster – Manhattan, New Jersey and Tri-State Areas Best Home Staging and Real Estate Photography – Personal Space with Elizabeth Vaca-Ranieri and Sean Ranieri

Secret To Sell Your Home Faster - Manhattan, New Jersey and Tri-State Areas Best Home Staging and Real Estate Photography - Personal Space with Elizabeth Vaca-Ranieri and Sean Ranieri

In these challenging financial times, many of my Lifestyle and Business Coaching clients come to me with devastating financial challenges within their real estate holdings and portfolios. Some people desperately need to sell their home quickly or rent it fast to finance their businesses or increase monthly cash flow. One of my secrets to allow myself to be self employed over the last decade was my success in real estate and I’d like to share one of MY SECRET RESOURCES to rent and sell Real Estate faster is HOME STAGING and Professional Photography and I finally found a total real estate marketing and sales promotion company who can work with clients WORLDWIDE.

Personal Space is your home staging and interior design solution. They magically create attractive interior landscapes that accentuate your home’s virtues while masking any potential obstacles. Personal Space offers insight for residential and commercial clients in the new york metropolitan area.

Award Winning, Real Estate, Photography and Home Improvement Services include:

They now offer everything you need to prepare your listings for the market including:

-Staging via Skype starting at $50

-Real Estate Photography starting at $120

-1 hour Advice from a Stager starting at $150

-De-cluttering & Rearranging starting at $220/hr

-Staging for Photos starting at $300, includes photography

-Home Staging for Vacant homes pricing on request

-Floor Plans starting at $100 for under 1000 sqft home

-Cleaning services, painting and handyman

services available inquire about pricing

Their reputation in the Hoboken, Union City, New York City and Major Metropolitan area is impeccable. Personally, they’ve helped me rent and or sell multiple-family homes since 2001. I believe in American entrepreneurs who provide TRUE VALUE and personal space, family owned and operated since inception knocks it out of the park for their clients.

In the past 6 years personalspace has staged over 300 homes and helped sellers make an average of over $7 back for every $1 spent on staging. This return has made us the most widely used staging company in the New York metro area. They WILL help you sell your listings faster and for more money!

Homes we stage:

sell 96% faster than homes not staged
average less than 28 days on market
make the client a ROI of $7 to $1

When your listing looks good, you look even better.

Elizabeth Vaca-Ranieri
Web: http://PersonalSpace.biz

World Class Real Estate, Landscape and Model Photography:
Sean Ranieri
Cell: 201-240-0470
Web: http://SeanRanieri.com


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