VIDEO – Mental Health Awareness Month – Message of Hope for Loved Ones Challenged with Stress, Anxiety and Depression from Life Coach Brian Cimins

In the book, Pyschocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, he was originally a Plastic Surgeon and he gave up his entire practice for this concept, realizing that he would fix someone’s scar on the outside, but really the true scar is inside. Dr. Maltz would fix the person beautifully on the outside, but they would still say, “I still see it”. In reality, it’s an emotional scar and could never be healed from the outside.  Emotional scars need to be healed from the inside out.

If you are holding onto something that continually causes you pain and suffering, it can actually manifest disease, bad feelings and even depression. If you continually go down the path of an anxiety, stress-ridden and mentally tortuous life, that is potentially in your future. It’s not acceptable. If you don’t face your real issues and realize that your life is worth so much more than you even know – the World won’t be better without you. I want the world to be better WITH you.

You control your emotions – repeat that one hundred times. “I control my emotions, the outlook of the world is inside of me.” No one else or outside challenge can take you away from your center of peace and happiness. Our lives are not solely what we succeeded in professionally, our lives are not solely based on our financial success…it’s truly what positive impact we made on the world.

Never Give up, you never know what may be just around the corner. Keep positive and learn to master your emotions, regardless of what obstacles may come in life. The World needs YOU now more than ever.


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