“A fight is necessary in LIFE” – Nicole Lyons – Alternative Career Female Role Models are SUPER Important – Drag Race Car Driver Inspires

“A fight is necessary in LIFE”
– Nicole Lyons


I try to show my 4-year-old daughter, Kaylee and 6-year-old son, Logan as many female role models as possible. It could be an 11-year-old rock climber, public speaker or race car driver – they sit in AWE of Female role models. Give it a try with your child, it might even help change the next generation to offer equal opportunities based upon performance and what type of person you are, not sex, creed or religion.

For Nicole Lyons, every day is race day. Not only is Lyons one of the world’s premier female professional race car drivers, she is also the ultimate multitasking machine. As she continues to make her mark as a racer behind the wheel, she also spends countless hours creating, designing, engineering, restoring, marketing and branding highly tuned and tweaked engines.

In an extremely competitive sport dominated by men, Lyons proves she is more than an attractive woman with a spirited personality. A tough competitor who savors the role of the underdog, she is the first African American female to race in the coveted NHRA Top Sportsman & Comp, and the ADRL Top Sportsman classes. She is also the first woman to compete in both NHRA drag racing and NASCAR in one race season.

Drag racer, race car driver, engine builder, and business woman. Nicole Lyons is the epitome of the Outperformer.

Support and Follow Her online at: http://nicolelyonsracing.com/main/

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