Children should never be used as weapons of mass deception or destruction during divorce. Parents, please show them more LOVE than ever before to help start the necessary healing process – Brian Cimins

Please add more quotes below…parents, please know your children are not chess pieces and there is no checkmate in divorce.

It must be a win-win and the children are confused, sad and heart broken enough already to have to deal with the pain and suffering of the two people they love most on this earth separating eternally.

Please focus on improving yourself, finding your center and helping others during this emotional draining process. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you can BOTH find happiness on the “other side”. Some parents quickly jump into relationships or extra marital because they are lonely before the divorce is even finalized, which can over complicate things even worse. Some parents take their frustrations out on their children physically and verbally which is also completely unacceptable. Love yourself and your babies more than ever and know things will get better soon, just hang in there and don’t cause any more pain and suffering than you’ve already caused.

REAL Love, peace and harmony – Namaste, Brian Cimins