Music Video – I Wanna Minecraft – Song Parody of I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister and Dee Snider from Stay Hungry Music Album

Song written as a family bonding project led by 6-Year-Old, Logan John Cimins and 4-Year-Old, Kaylee Paige Cimins due to their absolute LOVE for Minecraft with help from Lucia Lee Cimins and Brian John Cimins.

Logan loves playing Minecraft and even wanted to join his school’s Minecraft club. At 6-years-old, his building ability inside the “Creative Mode” was astonishing. I finally learned all about the game and realized quickly why he was absolutely afraid of “Survival Mode” due to Zombies, Skeletons and “Creepers” who attack in the night. Most parents would keep their kids in Creative mode and most probably should, but Logan likes to challenge himself and face his fears. I respect that. We wanted to see him face and defeat a fear of an intangible, a 2D video game, and basically the song was born. In less than one month, as a family project, we wrote “I Wanna Minecraft”, a viral video sensation parody of “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister led by Dee Snider back in the 1908s. Logan defeated his fear of Survival Mode and we produced a family bonding project by creating something from nothing in the first month of the year. What will your family do next month? Inspire me, we want to try new and fun family fun activities and I hope to inspire you to expand your mind and world of possibilities with what you can create. We are creationists and our only limitations are set within our own minds. We are limitless, we can accomplish anything we love and set our mind to and hearts on. Please go be creationists, the world is awaiting your mind’s greatness!

The Song will be released on iTunes shortly and 10% of revenues will be donated to Autism at:

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