Did Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs really Retire from YouTube with 10 Songs in the Style of Ozzy Osborne in Newest Viral Video Release?

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.54.09 AMOne of the most talented singers and performers I’ve ever worked with was Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs.  We met in his early days of producing short energy filled commercials in mostly rock and roll genre, but when he met me, I challenged him (see testimonial video below) and the rest is YouTube history.  Here’s his final YouTube video ever (I hope it’s just a wonderful ploy to draw more comments and views), but with the Ad-Apocalypse of YouTube, sometimes, the best of the best just know when to focus on what truly still works to trade time for money.

Anthony Vincent attributes some of his success of 100+ million Viral Video of “Ten Second Songs” to working with Brian Cimins (http://TenSecondSongs.com)

Anthony is a talent beyond measure in my books and I was honored to have been his muse for a quick minute early in his massively successful career.  We produced many songs together including “I Wanna Minecraft”, the viral sensation and national anthem on the XBOX Live network with more than 33,000,000 views since release plus several more songs that still make me smile today.

Please find his band ‘Set The Charge’ performing worldwide – all the best my brother, in everything you do, always and forever.  Your Strategy Coach, Brian Cimins

P.S. After I posted this, Anthony emailed me (yes, he follows his friends) and informed me he was just messing around and was bored of ending every video the same way.  Glad we were listening and maybe it’s the most genius marketing footnote in YouTube history.  Keep your audience on your toes and every once in a while, have them on the edge of their seats wanting MORE>  Great news for us fans and friends – keep rocking Anthony!!

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