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“More Was Never Enough” was written by Brian Cimins in 2011 and is featured in a Q3 2nd book in the “Meditate with Me” book series entitled “The True Vine” about exposing the perils of shamanism and their hidden sorcery and witchcraft in the Ayahuasca ceremonies from the Amazon River tribes of Iquitos, Peru. Read and download audiobooks by Brian Cimins at:

Message from #BrianCimins

#MoreWasNeverEnough #MorganFreeman impersonation message to the world was posted “anonymously” on Logan John Lennon account during one of the wildest times of my life at the height of success in my dream job, in my dream business, living a waking nightmare, suffering from #PTSD and several Traumatic Brain Injuries #TBI, I sought out to “heal my brain” leading to the darkness and secretive sorcery and hidden witchcraft of Ayahuasca retreat centers off the Amazon River in the Jungles of Iquitos, Peru. Read and download audiobooks by Brian Cimins at:

Thank you for the encouragement to help finish what will become my 5th published project since “God’s Psychiatry” audiobook project specifically for visually impaired and audio learners, it’s been quite a journey, some would call it a #QUEST. God is the author and finisher of our faith, He wrote the end already, be encouraged to keep walking by faith and not by sight, even unto the #EndOfTheWorld.


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