Preview “President Donald Trump vs. Vice President Joe Biden”: Rocky Balboa Donald Trump vs. Ivan Drago Joe Biden Election 2020 NOW AVAILABLE at: and #TrumpVsBiden commissioned by – Tribute artwork for 2020 Presidential debate and election in the style of Rocky Balboa (USA) vs. Ivan Drago (Russia) showcasing President Donald Trump vs. […] was the First U.S. President Domain Name in the World was Registered by Brian Cimins

As a Freshman in College, I registered and some other domain names such as,, before trademark law was written on the Internet. I got a lot some negative press from the trademarked names, but in an Interview with San Jose Mercury News before ecommercie existed. In that interview, I talked about building an online book store (before and I owned downloadable music (way before iTunes and I owned and online publications with in the future.

In an interview with my coach advisory team led by Tony Robbins, Cloe Madannes and Mark Peysha, they picked out the important “visionary” traits that true leaders and coaches possess. They also reminded me that I was the first person in the history to register a President’s domain name, two years after the Vice President, Al Gore supposedly founded the Internet ;-).

I’ve always had a strong hold on what the future holds and I’d be lucky to have a chance to do it for YOUR business.

Your Strategy Coach,
Brian J. Cimins

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