One of the toughest things in my life is balancing my personal life with my event and time demanding professional life. I’m a huge fan of grappling and love to attend MMA events, but my whole family organizes events around my schedule already, so asking to skip out on other family events is really tough […]

VEGAS Results Posted: 20th Grapplers Quest West Individual Results July 9, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Presented by Brian Cimins, CEO, Grapplers Company, Inc. go to:

Having children changed my life. It humbled me, challenged me, scared me at times but has shown me the purest and innocent forms of love in the world. It’s our job as parents to reinforce love in their lives – they are the future and the more love you show them, the more endless their […]

  It’s the greatest mistake to do nothing because you can only do so little or think you have so little time.  Give what you can and do it together.  That’s the power of one, the power of YOU.  Alone, it may feel like we “can do so little”, but change your thinking to ‘Together […]

“Take Your Life from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE” Lyrics that Inspire Brian Cimins

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Brian Cimins Wraps Up 2010 World Series of Grappling by Grapplers Quest Get more info on upcoming events at:

Brian Cimins: Logan John Cimins and Emily Susan Cimins

Brian Cimins vs. Gerry Fajardo at Grapplers Quest Tournament 1998

Brian Cimins co-founds Grappling Autism to Benefit Autism Radio, a 501c3 charitable organization to benefit families dealing with Autism every day.  Brian Cimins ‘s 8 year old nephew, Jonathan Cimins (son of Paul Cimins) was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.  Get more information on Autism at:

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