Nolan Ryan NFT Drop Launches “Legends To The Moon” Sports Collectible Art Digital and Gallery Prints

#LEGENDS to the Moon #NFT and Sports Card Collectible Art Launches with NOLAN RYAN EXPRESS on #OpenSea at: or Print Art Versions available at: and


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NFT Drop – SNL Tribute to The Dogefather ELON MUSK Crypto Sitdown with Tony Soprano, The Godfather and GoodFellas Dogecoin Tesla SpaceX Slim Jim and Axe Brand Drops


#Dogefather with #Sopranos #Godfather and the #Goodfellas —- Preview and BID on original artwork featuring #TheDogeFather #ElonMusk original caricature artwork by Stanley Quincy Upjohn of #GalleryHope #NFT now available for Bids at: Artwork Features from left to right: Tony Soprano played by deceased actor, James Gandolfini, #Tesla and #SpaceX and #ElonMusk, #VitoCorleone portrayed by #MarlonBrando, Goodfellas’ Jimmy Conway played by Robert Deniro and finally seated, hothead Tommy DeVito played by Joe Pesci featuring iconic #Dogecoin supporting brands Tesla, #SpaceX, #SlimJim, and #Axe Brand for background art in the iconic scene.

NFT available NOW — visit MINTABLE.APP to BID or Purchase of this NFT includes an artist signed 11×14 print mailed anywhere in the world here:

PRINTS & CANVAS for Home Office or Staging: ArtPal: . alternatively use Gallery Quality Prints, Apparel and Merchandise:



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Major Sports Sponsorship News – ,’The World’s Lottery’ Sponsors Jeremy Luchau’s ‘559 Fights’, California’s Premier MMA Event Series sponsors 559 Fights sponsors 559 Fights

Visalia, CA – 559 Fight, California’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts promotion owned by Jeremy Luchau has landed a 2-year exclusive sponsorship deal with CoinLotto and World Gaming Technologies, the leader in cryptography for online casino and lottery gaming and creator of ERC-20 gaming utility token #WGT.

Get Your Free #LOTTERY ticket at #Sponsors 559 Fights ( – #California‘s Premier #MixedMartialArts event Sponsored by #CoinLotto and #WGT Sponsored by Coinlotto the World’s First LIVE $1,000,000 #FreeLotto every #Wednesday and #Saturday nights at 10:30 PM EST- Get YOUR Free #Lottery Ticket at:


Please research their parent company #WorldGamingTechnologies who created CoinLotto and the industry standard gaming crypto currency #WGT #ERC20 #GamingTokens at:

World Gaming Technologies SRL

World Gaming Technologies SRL (WGT SRL) is a global leader in the crypto currency gaming space. Introducing, the company which operates the most exciting and creative online games around the globe.

With an office in beautiful Houston, TX, WGT SRL is the world’s authority in the digital currency gaming and entertainment space. WGT is putting the fun back into cryptocurrency and in digital currencies across the board, managing a wide variety of crypto, including: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP) and Tron.

WGT SRL with is bringing online some of the most innovative and creative games in the industry, including:

  • img A six-ball game which will shoot you to the moon with excitement!

  • img You hit the jackpot with this game. It‚Äôs played with 5 balls and it‚Äôs like everybody wins, every time!

  • ¬†imgIt‚Äôs quick, it‚Äôs exciting and it‚Äôs for everyone. It‚Äôs played with 4 balls which are dropped at the same time. You have to get it, before it gets YOU!

  • img A very creative game using colors instead of numbers. Match the colors in the correct order and WIN. Color you a winner!

Play today at:

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Crypto-CodieMonday, October 15th – Silicon Valley, California – Bitcoin and AltCoin Crypto Currencies were on top of the news and financial times in early 2018, but after several market crashes, price instability and legal concerns with ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and trading platforms, many projects fell apart before coming to fruition.

In the world of “ALTCOINS”, the #2 market cap coin is #ETHEREUM or #ETH which launched in 2015 and valued at $21,483,232,904.00 (yes, a $21 BILLION valuation), Ethereum which is a decentralized software platform that enables SmartContracts and Distributed Applications (DApps) to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control or interference from a third party.¬†

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.53.17 AM

In the early stages of “Smart Contracts” based on ETHEREUM were being developed by amateur or newbie developers who created many digital ponzi schemes and “exit scams” which sought to steal money from unsuspecting “gamers” in a pyramid scheme or other “send me X to get Y” Nigerian-style email scams started infecting the cryptoworld.

Some developers were creating “zero sum gain” games or “DOUBLERS”, which mean 75% people get stuck in the contract and their funds “push out” other players with poorly designed “smart” contracts that ended up “locking up” hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto-currencies on the blockchain.

These unscrupulous actions nearly ruined the entire blockchain gaming industry and lost thousands of potential players who might never trust the crypto gaming world again.  Zero Sum Gain games would be forever crushed and ended by three guys who had also been robbed and taken advantage of to create WAR DOGS GAMING, who sought to change the blockchain gaming industry forever to become a trustworthy, reliable and financially sustainable run by gamers for gamers.

Mario-War-Dogs-GamingThe founders, Crypto Jarhead (see interview below), Crypto Medic and Crypto Bones, successful members of the War Pigs of Wall Street (War Pigs Innovations) who branched off and sought to solve the major problem within the gaming industry to help oust scam artists and most importantly to showcase a model that could fix ALL poorly designed smart contracts.¬† Their first project #TERIS is helping to release locked funds of #REVOLUTION contract (which they didn’t create) to help payout $50,000 in ETHEREUM back to the community and deliver the promise of self sustaining games with arbitrage backed return on investment opportunities with ROI up to 125% within 4 months or less.¬† Learn more and play some FREE GAMES too at:

TERIS is the most anticipated crypto-currency based gaming developmen, a self sustaining “quarterback” game by DAPP-based firm, WarDogs Gaming, launches to serve the loyal smart contract gaming community and grow fair and profitable crypto currency gaming worldwide. Earn up to 25% with TERIS to #FreeTheGears of $50,000 ETH:¬†

Interview with CEO & Founder, David “Crypto Jarhead” Hopper

“There’s nearly¬†fifty thousand dollars¬†worth of ETHEREUM (ETH) locked up in poorly designed smart contracts.¬† We didn’t develop those games, but¬†we launched¬†War Dogs¬†Gaming with TERIS to free those games, restore faith to the smart contract gaming community,¬†and showcase what fair, self sustaining, fun and profitable games for players will look like moving forward” – War Dogs Team Leader, Crypto JarHead of War Pigs Innovations at:

Temecula, CA¬†–¬†Southern California’s¬†most anticipated cryptocurrency based gaming development and¬†DApp-based firm,¬†War Dogs¬†Gaming, launches to serve the loyal smart contract gaming community and grow fair and profitable cryptocurrency gaming worldwide.

Ethereum-based Smart Contract gamers want fun,¬†consistent, flexible, fair, transparent, and privacy oriented gaming.¬†¬†War Dogs’ first legendary project,¬†Teris, is the world’s first sustainable “Doubler” style DApp.¬†By removing¬†the zero-sum aspect¬†out of smart contract gaming,¬†Teris will use a simple user interface allowing the users profits of 25% return on their investment, all while using¬†the world of automated arbitraging trading bots to create a self-sustaining¬†DApp.

War Dogs Gaming, launched in June 2018, is a fair gaming blockchain development company creating fun, profitable, and financially self sustaining games built from the ground up by gamers for gamers and backed by several early adopters and several high level cryptocurrency investment firms. War Dogs is comprised of several founding members of War Pigs Innovations, experts in arbitraging, day trading, and making portfolios green since 2012 with 75+ years in gaming and community development on the team.

Dapp is an abbreviated form of “decentralized application”.¬† A DApp has its backend code running on a secure decentralized peer-to-peer network, contrasted with an app where the backend code runs on centralized servers and could be de-platformed.¬† DApps enable pure freedom and work with all types of smart phones and web browsers. The “Free The GEARS” campaign is the first community outreach enabled with the launch of “TERIS” and will help release all funds locked in several Smart Contracts previously in lockdown, previously thought to be lost forever.

“There’s nearly¬†fifty thousand dollars¬†worth of ETHEREUM (ETH) locked up in poorly designed smart contracts.¬† We didn’t develop those games, but¬†we launched¬†War Dogs¬†Gaming with TERIS to free those games, restore faith to the smart contract gaming community,¬†and showcase what fair, self sustaining, fun and profitable games for players will look like moving forward” – War Dogs Team Leader, Crypto JarHead of War Pigs Innovations.

Watch VIMEO preview of TERIS here:

Watch YouTube preview of TERIS here:

Blockchain technology offers the promise of fair gaming, ownership of digital assets, transparency into the in-game economics, benefits of staying anonymous of a public ledger both for funds & for identity and an opportunity to earn, no longer just for the pro or sponsored players but for everyone, provides the perfect solution for gamers. War Dogs is partnering with and seeking several traditional gaming platform developers from Solidity, GameMakerPro, Unity, Unreal, Game Salad, RPG Maker, Construct 2, Stencyl, Twine, Quest as well as JAVA and HTML-5 web based and app based games looking to bring their future games to the most profitable blockchain launch platform possible as partners.

Join us in the next generation of fair and sustainable cryptocurrency game and Decentralized App (DApp) development at:

For partnerships, game developers, sponsorship, and investor inquiries, please email Director of Marketing, aka “CryptoBrain” at:¬†¬†and please follow or connect with us on:













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