TODDLER PARENTS: Check out ‘Debbie and Friends’ on YouTube and LIVE February 11 in Long Island- Logan Loves Them!

My 4-year-old son, Logan John actually found Debbie all by himself while searching in YouTube for Goldilocks (he googled it himself, true story) and the rest is history – we’re a Debbie and Friends family, my 2-year-old daughter Kaylee loves it to.

Sometimes, they’ll gently drift off to sleep after watching musical videos and songs from Debbie and Friends. Debbie Cavalier’s is a wonderful performer based out of Massachusetts, who really has a gift in entertaining children. I bet you she gets a major television show on DISNEY or NICKOLODEAN in 2012, she’s that good and unique, a breath of fresh air for parents like us. She and her funny and adorable cartoons and animations enchanted by 4-year-old son and I’m proud to say that he and I both know nearly all of her songs by heart. I bet one day you’ll see Logan (and us) in one of her Music videos live in concert :-).

here’s one of his favorites: 

Please come see
Debbie and Friends in Concert

DATE: Saturday, February 11, 2012

TIME: 1:00pm & 3:00pm showtimes available –
tickets on sale

Long Island Children’s Museum
11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530
Garden City, NY – FULL BAND

Get more details at:

Debbie offered to play her song on the Autism Radio podcast, “Hope Saves the Day” to help increase Autism Awareness and raise money for families in need. Get more info on Autism at:

Debbie and Friends on FACEBOOK:

NEW College Scholarship Program Launched, “The Entrepreneurial Charity Challenge” by Brian Cimins to Wayne Hills High School for LIFE!

Grapplers Quest was founded in 1998 as Brian Cimins’ Senior College Project at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Born and raised in WAYNE, NEW JERSEY, Cimins graduated from Wayne Hills High School in 1994 and attended Schuylar Colfax for Middle School and Theunis Dey in Elementary, even Busy Beehive for Pre-K classes – Wayne born, raised, living and educated in New Jersey.

By 2009, Grapplers Quest officially became the worlds largest martial arts event, voted “Best Grappling Event” by and is now featured on national tv with FightNow through Clear Channel, plus worldwide distribution of 23 DVD titles, two On Demand Pay-Per-Views reaching millions of fans around the world. Cimins and Grapplers Quest partnered with Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2009 to produce the Official Grappling Tournament of UFC Fan Expo with Millions of fans around the world.

Cimins has also developed several charity and awareness projects for Autism (Grappling Autism for, a 501c3), Multiple Sclerosis (OD’s Roadies Team Sponsor since 2000), Mental Illness, Cancer, and Womens Rights. Brian owes a lot of his success to Wayne Hills and the Wayne Public Education System and would like to give back in one very special way – a scholarship for one aspiring, entrepreneurial and charitable student at the high school that launched his successful career..

To help our next generation succeed and be inspired Brian Cimins would like to offer an annual $2,500 College Scholarship know as the, “Entrepreneurial Charity Challenge” which will inspire and challenge Juniors at Wayne Hills with interest in Business or Entrepreneurial studies of any kind. The Challenge will be to create a product or service to raise money for Autism before Graduation the following year. The Amount raised, business plan and presentations will be judged – winner gets the $2,500 scholarship, 1st runner up will get books paid for first year, 2nd runner up will be books paid for first semester.

Proposed timeline:

—May 2012 Entrepreneurial Summit at Wayne Hills hosted by Brian
Cimins with two other CEOs (90 minutes) to Graduating class of 2013
with Business or Marketing interest

– Explanation of Scholarship Opportunity
– Life Skills
– principals of charity
– inspirational speech
– motivational speech
– college success story
– Wayne hills pride
– New Jersey State College

– March 2013, Status update meeting for judging

– May 2013, awards and scholarships presented

Let’s help change lives and enhance their future just like the Wayne
Public education system did for Brian Cimins.

Here’s Cimins’ bio and history:

Please let me know when we could schedule a meeting to help finalize
the details and make this dream a reality.

Write your Future and Past Roles or Joys in Life Here Brian Cimins

What have you done in YOUR life?
What do you WANT to do in your life?

– Inspirational Speaker
– College Scholarship Program Founder,
“Entrepreneurial Charity Challenge”
– Brand Developer
– Marketing Visionary
– Industry Builder
– Fight Expo Creator
– College Professor for Entrepreneurial Studies
– High School Teacher for Entrepreneurial Studies
– Women’s Rights in Sports (petitioned to get females approved in ADCC)
– Grapplers Quest Brand Developer
– Philanthropist for Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Alzheimers and Mental Disorders
– Product Development for Apparel and Fashion Industry
– Horseback Riding Champion
– Pilot and Aviator
– Racecar Driver
– Beach Conservationist
– Martial Arts Instructor
Black Belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu
Black Belt in Koekan Karate
Black Belt in Hapkido
Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (future)
– Sponsorship Sales
– Web site Sales
– Domain Name Sales (
– Song Writer and Producer
– Television Producer
– DVD Producer (23 titles)
– Father (2 amazing children, Logan born June 13, 2007 and Kaylee, born May 28, 2009)
– Son (parents are Paul and Phyllis Cimins)
– Brother (Paul Cimins, born June 29, 1971
– Uncle (Emily, Jonathan, Zach and Marlee)
– Candy Retail Sales in Middle School
– CVS and Bradlees Store worker
– Child World Bird Keeper (1989 at 13 years old)
– Sales for Campusac Backpack College Store Sales
– Sales for Everlast Sports Bags and Hats
– Sales for Energy Bars for Everlast Licensee
– Loyalty Marketing Director at Net2Phone
– Supplement product development
– Charity Fundraising for Autism
– APP Developer
– Author of “Grappling Depression”
– Author of “Meditate with Me” (Meditation Program)
Write your FUTURE here…what ELSE will you do for the world, for your family, for your finances, for fun???

Logan Signs my MacBook Pro and APPLE Fixes it FREE of Charge – Best Customer Service EVER by Brian Cimins


Logan John woke up early today, school was cancelled for holiday and school meetings. I woke up at 7:18am to find marker everywhere Logan was this morning plus his nails and toes covered in Pink nail polish — ughh…but I kept my cool and didn’t yell. I fully controlled my emotions and frustration and just asked him why he did it. He replied, “Today was arts and crafts day at school, but there was no school. I wanted to color on the iPad, but it was dead. I’m sorry Dadda.”

So, I controlled my thoughts, I controlled my anger – I didn’t flip out. I tried to clean it with “Lens Wipes”, nothing. I just called Apple and scheduled a service drop-off. I had posted this to Facebook early in the morning. When I arrived and brought out the computer to show what Logan’s “John Hancock” on my 21″ laptop screen. One of the technicians mentioned that someone in corporate customer service was forwarded my story from Facebook and they wanted to show us APPLE is listening to their loyal customers.

It was amazing – I went from about to pay an $800 screen replacement (and just live with the Permanent marker on the outer shell) to paying $0 because APPLE is a very special company who will forever be a powerhouse and successful business with exemplary customer service coupled with high quality products. I will strive to be like APPLE always and will forever remember this day for the funny story with Logan and how it all played out. Try not to sweat the small stuff – even if I had to purchase a brand new $2,700 laptop replacement, at the end of my life, the amount of money I saved or spent during my life will not matter. It’s the special loving relationship we develop together as father and son. I broke my Dad’s $3,000 laptop screen at 20 years old and he barely yelled at me and I remember how much it cost to repair ($900). I tried to emulate my Dad – thank you father.

Logan, I forgive and love you, it’s a funny story now for us to share for many years.

Apple is amazing. Period.

With Love Always,


My Angel, Kaylee Paige Cimins – Born May 28, 2009 by Brian Cimins, Proud Daddy

In the darkest days, my little Angel, Kaylee Paige can take it all away with a smile or laugh or even just a loving stare like the one above. Having a son has been amazing as well, but my relationship with Kaylee is something very special, I’m sure she’ll even help take care of me one day, if necessary, like all amazing daughters try to do. I hope to stay healthy and be alive and well to walk you down the aisle one day – NO RUSH…AT ALL :-), but, I want you to know that our song since you were born is Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young”.

Love you baby girl – can’t wait until one day you read this and know how much of my heart you fill

A Fight Spirit – Tribute to September 11, 2001 – Thoughts by Brian Cimins

This Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I remember running a Grapplers Quest on Saturday, September 23, 2011 at City College of New York with the horizon still smoking, the grappling community came together. My old academy, Machado New York City with Marcos Santos was gone, just 2 blocks from World Trade. Many people told me to cancel it, but I knew it was important for the grappling community. It was a sad day, as we found out that we lost many of our fellow Grapplers, friends, family and the heros of civil services – and I’m glad we did it. People should always know that expressing love in times of sadness is sometimes the greatest form of healing. God bless you all

Directed by Kahleem Poole-Tejada (director of the full-length documentary “New York MMA”) and produced by Matthew Kaplowitz (Editor-in-Chief of in association with Ranger Up, the film takes viewers around a tour of downtown Manhattan and provides a glimpse inside several of New York City’s top MMA gyms. 

It features many NY-based fighters, such as Renzo Gracie, Chris Weidman, Pete “Drago” Sell, and Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, as well as Stephen Koepfer of NY Combat Sambo, Mark Yehia of “Elite Plus MMA,” Rob Constance of “The Renzo Gracie Academy” and President of the “Ultimate Absolute” grappling tournament, and Emilio Novoa, President of ADCC North America. Also appearing is UFC middleweight fighter Jorge Rivera, as well as Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy, who adds the voices of members of the U.S. Armed Forces to this emotional piece.

Locate to Donate – Where have all the donation boxes gone? By Brian Cimins

Wayne, NJ — Today, I was driving around trying to find a clothes donation box in my hometown of Wayne, New Jersey. I stopped by all of the spots I remembered as a kid, nothing.

A little took my son to Burger king to play on the slides and Space Ship jungle gym (not for food, I get a coffee, lol), then I stopped at a local bagel place to pick up Sunday breakfast for the family. No donation cans anywhere, just EMPTY tip jars, it made me sad.

At the worst point in my financial life, I focused on charity and giving to others and my life improved in every way. When I became too focused on the “goal” or just improving the bottom line, nothing changed. Help others, use your talents for something other than profit, it’ll make you feel better about yourself and you’ll leave the world a better place.


Grappling Autism Launches: In-House Academy Tournament Fundraising Program to Help Desperate Families in Need

My nephew, Jonathan Cimins was born on April 16, 2003 as a seemingly healthy, beautiful blue eyed baby boy. At 18 months old, soon after his booster vaccination, his speech rapidly declined, his behaviors started becoming repetitive, spinning for hours, jumping for hours, making strange noises and even seriously injuring himself without fear, we were lost. Sadly, he’s never been able to say, “Daddy, I love you,” but his father, Paul Cimins NEVER gave up Hope. UPDATE: On May 6, 2013, Jonathan said “Daddy” – check out:

Cimins’ mastery in the Culinary Arts as a graduate of Culinary Institute of America and consulatations with DAN Doctors and Nutritional Experts propelled him to create the world renonwn, “Autism Spectrum Diet”, voted “best tasting gluten free and cassein free recipes”. He sought out international Autism experts and doctors, herbalists, phychiatrists, alternative biomedical treatments and most importantly, family crisis support groups throughout the World. The family support radio show, Hope Saves The Day is free on iTunes here:

There was very little information available, no health insurance support and no guidance or help for families who learned their child or children had Autism. There were no treatments or hope for many of these families. The Divorce rate amongst parents of Autistic Children is 75%. With one in 91 boys being diagnosed with Autism, now is more important than ever to help raise funds to directly support families. Other Autism organizations boast “awareness” campaigns, but lack in the true families that need their help the most.

Paul Cimins and the entire family is on a QUEST to help cure and treat Autism and help the families it can potentially devastate.

Grappling Autism was founded by Brian Cimins in 2007 to help raise funds for families with AutismRadio, a 5013c charitable organization you directly helps these families, most desperately in need of support, both emotionally and biomedically to help recover their child. Cimins is the President and Founder of Grapplers Quest currently donates $1 from every competitor worldwide directly to AutismRadio and with annual donations exceeding $10,000+ annually, still just helps ONE family per year, that’s how expensive Autism can be to treat properly.

Autism Families desperately need our support.
Instructors, Family and Friends come up to up to us every tournament and say, “How Can I help?” – here’s how:

Grappling Autism

In-House Tournament Fundraising Program to
Benefit to Help Desperate Families in Need.

Your $250 Direct School Donation includes:

– Tournament Bracketing Software ($50 value)
– 1 Flipper Scoreboard ($35 value)
– Referee Wristbands ($10 value)
– One Set of Competitor Ankle ($10 value)
– Guide How to Run an In-House Tournament
– Guide How to Plan and Market Your Event
– Guide How to Teach your Youth Students and their Families the Values of Charity

– How to get AMAZING local and national Press (PR) from supporting Autism
– Interview on Hope Saves The Day on AutismRadio (30,000 weekly listeners)
– News Promotion on
– News Promotion on

Your SCHOOL Fundraising Goal:
To Raise $2,500+ per event for GRAPPLING AUTISM (AutismRadio, 501c3)
50 competitors at $50 each = $2,500 + $500 donation === $3,000
Note: This pays for 3 months of biomedical
treatment in Hyperbaric Chamber for one Autistic Child

Sign up your ACADEMY today to help support families in need and get the best possible exposure possible for your charitable good deed, don’t delay, go to:


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