4-Year-Old, Logan John Cimins performs LIVE with Grammy Award Winner, ‘Debbie and Friends’

Garden City, New York – On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Grammy winning children’s music band, “Debbie and Friends” led by Debbie Cavalier performed in front of a sold out crowd at the Long Island Children’s Museum including some of their humorous, entertaining and enchanting renditions of “Cinderella”, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and Anti-Bully song, “Walk Away”. Just last year, “Walk Away” on the anti-bullying compilation called “All About Bullies Big And Small” officially won the Grammy in 2011 for “Best Children’s Album”.

Performances are being schedule nationwide – check out the 2012 tour here: http://debbieandfriends.net/shows.php

My 4-Year-Old, Logan John Cimins of Wayne, New Jersey had “auditioned” via YouTube a few weeks ago here:

In the middle of the live performance, Debbie invited Logan Cimins to come up on stage and perform one of his favorite songs, “I Gotta Laugh Inside of Me” live in front of the sold-out crowd…it was a moment we will forever keep sacred in our minds and hearts – Thank you Debbie for helping change the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

Here was his live performance with the 2012 Grammy Award Winning Band, DEBBIE AND FRIENDS:

Super Bowl Pool for Charity Fundraiser – Autism Radio

Super Bowl Pool for Charity Fundraiser – Autism Radio

Contest Info 50% of money goes to: Autism Radio is a Non Profit Organization that is committed to making a difference in the Autism Community. Our Mission is to improve the lives of the individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their friends and families, who struggle to understand, treat, care for, and help find a cure for their loved one. Payment Cash or Check.

All money must be in by Wednesday,
Feb 1, 2012 Prizes 50% percent goes
to Autism Radio Charity

Cost $10.00 per box
Other 50 percent as follows:

1st quarter: $100
2nd quarter: $125
3rd quarter : $100
Final: $175

Enter to Win and Donate today, go to:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Week One with My Nephew, Jonathan

On Wednesday, October 26, 2011, my 8-year-old nephew, Jonathan Cimins who was diagnosed with Autism at 18-months old, started an alternative biomedical treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The chamber is built for one Adult Male, 200 lbs. – Jonathan would not go in alone and with the drastic pressure changes during the atmospheric drop, your ears can be damaged. Jonathan has never been able to fully communicate and experienced many ear infections as a child. My father and brother were much too tall and or had too broad shoulders to fit in the machine and be able to help relieve Jonathan’s ear pressure with temple massage.

My brother, Paul Cimins (Co-Host of Hopes Saves for the Day for Autism) and Adrienne Cimins asked me to please help Jonathan get in and out of the chamber and remain calm and safe during the 80 minute treatment. I jumped at the opportunity, because I knew I could help keep Jonathan calm and if necessary, physically restrain him from slamming himself against the 3 inch thick glass.

The first ten minutes was very challenging for me, dealing with my own ear adaption and trying to gauge whether or not to pull the escape cord in fear of damaging Jonathan’s ears. He struggled with the pressure, because he couldn’t understand me fully from my verbal commands. He was laying on top of me, and with two inches of space above him, I couldn’t see his expression.

It was very frantic for those first ten minutes, because I just didn’t know what to expect. I kept talking to him, gentle massage of his head, telling him how much I loved him, telling him how this will help heal his brain, help him communicate, understand better and I even tried making him laugh to move his jaw to help relieve the pressure in his ears.

My grappling was a huge asset. A couple of times, he lunged head first into the wall, but it was just to get comfortable or I moved a way he didn’t like. The temperature was 103 degrees in the chamber, I remained as still as possible, holding him like a baby laying against my shoulder.

I thought my sweating head would bother him, but it bothered him more when I wiped it, because my positioning changed. He wanted no movement from me, unless to get out of his way, to rest on me, or amazingly enough to believe, he does a Reiki-like treatment on my head for at least 10 minutes, always during the decompression. It wasn’t just sensory based because of my shaved head, but it was the real deal – Jonathan Cimins is a natural healer, I felt it.

I’ve experienced several Reiki masters including Beth in Oakland, NJ (http://TheRainbowEssence.com) and it’s the only way I’m so confident with my analysis of the experience. During the treatment, without my knowledge of ability to hear, the Nurse was telling Jonathan’s father, Paul Cimins (my brother) about what Jonathan was doing to my head. She was telling him the same thing I personally felt. It was an amazing connection being locked in a time capsule-like chamber with no connection to the outside world.

I’m very lucky to have the experience with Jonathan, both for physical and emotional healing. Its the closest I’ve ever felt to him without ever truly verbally communicate. I’m praying every day that the Oxygen Treatment is helping heal certain parts of his brain which were damaged or lacking oxygen. It also might be one of the most amazing lessons in life, is how to be able to open your emotions and your heart more to someone to express your love to them.

In my life, one of my mentors was Michael Bayer, an active apparel tycoon in the 1980s and owner of CampuSac, licensee of Everlast Hats and Bags, he was my first real boss. He was a super suave salesmen and would have these funny little lines he would say to help close larger deals. One line stood out in particular, “Don’t tell me you love me, show me.”

I think this is Jonathan and my first true opportunity to show each other real family love. He’s given me an opportunity to get to know him, share this potentially scary experience with his uncle, and know that he’s safe with me. I’m lucky to have this chance to get to know him better, in the best way possible, just through energy transfer, full of love. Jonathan is a special boy and he will help change the world, just watch.

Locate to Donate – Where have all the donation boxes gone? By Brian Cimins

Wayne, NJ — Today, I was driving around trying to find a clothes donation box in my hometown of Wayne, New Jersey. I stopped by all of the spots I remembered as a kid, nothing.

A little took my son to Burger king to play on the slides and Space Ship jungle gym (not for food, I get a coffee, lol), then I stopped at a local bagel place to pick up Sunday breakfast for the family. No donation cans anywhere, just EMPTY tip jars, it made me sad.

At the worst point in my financial life, I focused on charity and giving to others and my life improved in every way. When I became too focused on the “goal” or just improving the bottom line, nothing changed. Help others, use your talents for something other than profit, it’ll make you feel better about yourself and you’ll leave the world a better place.


Grappling Autism Launches: In-House Academy Tournament Fundraising Program to Help Desperate Families in Need

My nephew, Jonathan Cimins was born on April 16, 2003 as a seemingly healthy, beautiful blue eyed baby boy. At 18 months old, soon after his booster vaccination, his speech rapidly declined, his behaviors started becoming repetitive, spinning for hours, jumping for hours, making strange noises and even seriously injuring himself without fear, we were lost. Sadly, he’s never been able to say, “Daddy, I love you,” but his father, Paul Cimins NEVER gave up Hope. UPDATE: On May 6, 2013, Jonathan said “Daddy” – check out: http://AutismRadio.org

Cimins’ mastery in the Culinary Arts as a graduate of Culinary Institute of America and consulatations with DAN Doctors and Nutritional Experts propelled him to create the world renonwn, “Autism Spectrum Diet”, voted “best tasting gluten free and cassein free recipes”. He sought out international Autism experts and doctors, herbalists, phychiatrists, alternative biomedical treatments and most importantly, family crisis support groups throughout the World. The family support radio show, Hope Saves The Day is free on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hope-saves-the-day/id368234896

There was very little information available, no health insurance support and no guidance or help for families who learned their child or children had Autism. There were no treatments or hope for many of these families. The Divorce rate amongst parents of Autistic Children is 75%. With one in 91 boys being diagnosed with Autism, now is more important than ever to help raise funds to directly support families. Other Autism organizations boast “awareness” campaigns, but lack in the true families that need their help the most.

Paul Cimins and the entire family is on a QUEST to help cure and treat Autism and help the families it can potentially devastate.

Grappling Autism was founded by Brian Cimins in 2007 to help raise funds for families with AutismRadio, a 5013c charitable organization you directly helps these families, most desperately in need of support, both emotionally and biomedically to help recover their child. Cimins is the President and Founder of Grapplers Quest currently donates $1 from every competitor worldwide directly to AutismRadio and with annual donations exceeding $10,000+ annually, still just helps ONE family per year, that’s how expensive Autism can be to treat properly.

Autism Families desperately need our support.
Instructors, Family and Friends come up to up to us every tournament and say, “How Can I help?” – here’s how:

Grappling Autism

In-House Tournament Fundraising Program to
Benefit AutismRadio.org to Help Desperate Families in Need.

Your $250 Direct School Donation includes:

– Tournament Bracketing Software ($50 value)
– 1 Flipper Scoreboard ($35 value)
– Referee Wristbands ($10 value)
– One Set of Competitor Ankle ($10 value)
– Guide How to Run an In-House Tournament
– Guide How to Plan and Market Your Event
– Guide How to Teach your Youth Students and their Families the Values of Charity

– How to get AMAZING local and national Press (PR) from supporting Autism
– Interview on Hope Saves The Day on AutismRadio (30,000 weekly listeners)
– News Promotion on GrapplersQuest.com
– News Promotion on GrapplingFans.com

Your SCHOOL Fundraising Goal:
To Raise $2,500+ per event for GRAPPLING AUTISM (AutismRadio, 501c3)
50 competitors at $50 each = $2,500 + $500 donation === $3,000
Note: This pays for 3 months of biomedical
treatment in Hyperbaric Chamber for one Autistic Child

Sign up your ACADEMY today to help support families in need and get the best possible exposure possible for your charitable good deed, don’t delay, go to: http://www.grapplersquest.com/products/grappling-autism-house-tournament-fundraising-kit-and-donation-autism-radio-501c3-charitabl



What TapouT Founder, Charles “MASK” Lewis meant to Me and the Grappling World by Brian Cimins

Feels like it was yesterday that we lost CHARLES MASK LEWIS

I wrote this a few days after he passed in March of 2009.

In the early days of our sport, there were many people in the MMA community that had given up, people who put everything they had into a sport that were slowly fading away, sold out, gave up or went bankrupt. Not TapouT.

During the dark ages of MMA, there were no Pay-Per-View’s, sold out venues, or mainstream sponsorship money or mass media exposure for fighters or those involved with the sport. Through the resolve of a very few, somehow the sport managed to survive, and flourish. Those of us who witnessed the birth, near death, and amazing growth of MMA in America will always be very protecting of a sport that we helped keep alive.

There are not many people in MMA that have done more to help this sport than Charles “Mask” Lewis, and there certainly has never been a corporate sponsor larger, led by his success and generosity to support up and coming fighters from the nightclub or smokers at a local school to the largest MMA stage in the world, Mask was there.

Tapout sponsored fighters and events back when there was no reason to sponsor fighters. There was no television exposure, no magazine shoots for Men’s Fitness or 6+ figure contracts with millions of people watching. Barely anyone even knew what “MMA” stood for, yet TapouT, led by “Mask” gave so much just to help out the fighters and fans of this sport.

We are all very lucky that Charles was able to have a vision for this sport and become what we all knew it could, and I hope he knew how much of this sports fate had rested on his fortitude.

To many, he was “Mask”, to me, he was just Charles Lewis, a great guy who loved Mixed Martial Arts. TapouT was Grapplers Quest’s first real sponsor and everyone that knows him; he always made you feel special. The other day, I was sending a text to one of our sponsored fighters and didn’t want to go over the 160 character limit. I signed it simply with, “Brian C.” and a deep sadness came over me, because I remembered how special Mask made me and many others feel by boldly screaming our names or nicknames every time you walked by.

My brother, Paul, called me yesterday and we reminisced about how Charles approached us at The UFC in Atlantic City (my brother’s birthday present from me) and how he made my brother feel very special sharing with him how much he loved Grapplers Quest, and will support us for life because, “You guys were there from the beginning and we gotta stick together”. He was so proud of people who went after their dreams and most importantly that you BELIEVED in yourself and your vision. That’s what made him who he was and that exact thinking was what led him to the top of the MMA world in branding, sales, sponsorship, and most importantly with FRIENDS.

He had a magical and natural ability to make people feel important, regardless of their place in life. Charles treated everyone equally and he has always been someone I tried to emulate with our success model. He and the rest of the TapouT crew would spend countless hours trying to give me advice on business and handling success, got Grapplers Quest into the first three video games through their high level relationships with the UFC and the game’s maker, and helped nearly 40-50 competitors per show be able to compete with sponsorship. Charles’ success through TapouT was fueled by his desire to grow through a positive business model, meaning as he grew he always spread his success to the people he respected the most in the world for everything they stood for, THE FIGHTERS, and the rest of us who’s lives he positively touched, are very lucky to have known him. God Rest your Soul Charles and know that your affect on our community will forever be remembered, respected, and revered as a legendary MMA businessman, entrepreneur, sponsor and most importantly, a friend we will all dearly miss.

Brian Cimins
CEO, Grapplers Quest

My Nightmare LASER CORRECTION Experience with NINE LASIK Surgeries by Brian Cimins

I started wearing glasses at 7 years old. I’m pictured in the back row here in 5th grade (10 years old) with the HUGE glasses, lol, they were the same size as my Dad’s. Kids were mean, I was the first kid with glasses and one of my “friends”, Jimmy Hadler and another boy, Jack Sullivan who used to knock them off my face in the school yard causing them to get scratched, twice even stepped on and broken, once by me, once by one of them accidentally.

My Mom and Dad weren’t loaded and spending $100+ every few months because of some mean kids wouldn’t be tolerated. My father, Paul Cimins told me, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, people can’t break your things, people shouldn’t put their hands on you with bad intent and he quoted a famous Kenny Rodgers song, “Sometimes you gotta fight to be a man.” And fight back I did physically, getting suspended, parent conferences, etc., one mother actually pulled her son from school because I beat him up every time he knocked my glasses off. Sadly, in my hysterical state of mind, I didn’t remember hurting these people, I just “blacked out”. My mother told me one boy, Jack had huge bruises on his head, as per what the principal told my parents, “kneeing him in the head.”

I’m not proud of this because it was the MAIN reason why my parents never allowed me into martial arts, they thought I would hurt people. I didn’t ever share with them that I was standing up for myself, because I blocked the physical altercations from my mind, but the confidence damage would become a “cross to bear” for many years to follow.

By age 12, I was legally blind without vision correction and my mom, Phyllis Cimins, offered to let me try contact lenses, even after several doctors yelled at us saying, “I would NEVER prescribe contact lenses to a 12-year-old, please go somewhere else if that’s what you are here for.” My mother never gave up, she knew how important my vision clarity was in baseball and at 12-years-old in my last season in Little League with my new contact lenses, I hit .680 with 11 inside-the-park homeruns – I could SEE again!!!!

Sadly, in college, my eyes started rejected contact lenses completely, causing my eyes extreme strain and completely bloodshot, I looked like a drug addict or had severe Pink Eye – neither were true. I tried gas permeable hard lenses, I lost them during martial arts training and walking to class one day at Stockton College.

It was 1994 and laser eye surgery (other than cataracts) was not approved, except in Canada. I was training to fight shootfighting, compete in submission grappling and become a Black Belt instructor in Hapkido, Karate and Japanese Jiu Jitsu – I couldn’t wear glasses to compete, racquetball glasses weren’t an option. I started researching “vision correction” after my grandfather’s cataract surgery left him with 20/20 vision. My mother remembered me saying, “I hope I get cataracts one day and get that same laser surgery to make MY vision perfect.”

My father and mother were VERY hesitant about helping my quest to find a Laser Surgery correction procedure, the only legal surgeries were being performed in Canada. I had sold some domain names (ReadersDigest.com, BarnesandNoble.com and BillClinton.com) and had the $10,000 for the surgery.

I was about to book my airline ticket and go alone to get a surgery and my mom brought me an article from the local newspaper. It was a “Free Lecture” with Dr. explaining his revolutionary “Vision Correction Laser Surgery”. I was 100% sold and even though young age, my severe vision level and pupil size being too large, Dr. started performing surgeries on my at age 18. By age 21, Dr. had performed 4 different type of surgeries, failing on two different occasions, turning my corneas into swiss cheese.
All in all, my vision quality was damaged from 9 lasik procedures including two “aborted flap”.

To this day, I cannot drive comfortably at night time due to SEVERE night blindness and halo effects which are directly connected with my LASIK Surgeries.

My wife, Lucia Lee Anton Cimins has been my savior and drives me everywhere in the evening. It’s really hard explaining to people and business partners why I can’t stay out late without hiring a limo service everywhere I go. I hope now some people understand why I’m a “DAY WALKER”, just like Wesley Snipes in BLADE.

Lesson: Be nice to everyone you meet – don’t pick on less fortunate,
better yet – as martial artists, SET THE EXAMPLE – stand up for those who need your help most!

Also, my father always told me, “Never buy the first year model of a car – they always make it better in 1-2 years or drop the model. Why rush it and take a chance? Wish I listened to him about LASIK surgery – it was the first year approved in the United States, although the Dr. had performed hundreds of cataract and lens replacements, the laser vision correction was a whole new beast in 1994 – I jumped the gun, before the technology’s time which could have produced better results. There are new technologies that can and will fully correct people who had bad LASIK experiences and I will FIND that doctor and share my TRUE success story with a happy ending and tell the entire WORLD how this doctor can help millions of people worldwide who have similar stories, but just are embarrassed or depressed to share. I will help you, Your Lasik Healing visionary, Brian John Cimins

P.S. Please, just be careful, be cautious and research your surgeon, ask to speak to other successful patients who had positive experiences with your proposed Laser Surgeon. You only have ONE set of eyes, protect them and research the possible side effects of Laser Eye Surgery

Youth Grapplers are Leaders in the Community and Help Protect Kids with Special Needs by Brian Cimins

Last weekend, I gave an impromptu speech teaching youth competitors how to be leaders in their community and at school. I explained to them about Autism (see below for description) briefly, but realized it is a national campaign to help TEACH our children to be friends with and stick up for kids with special needs including Autism, Down Syndrome or any other Physically or Mentally disabilities. When I say “stick up”, I’m not saying a physical altercation whatsoever, I mean, the confidence a martial artist displays is respected and revered. Your positive energy and actions will be replicated by others, together YOU can make a difference by being a better, nicer and more friendly person to everyone you meet.

I’ve seen how mean children can be and I want to help change that, one tournament, 250+ children at a time, at UFC Fan Expos and all Grapplers Quest events worldwide. It’s my new mission. As Grapplers or Jiu Jitsu fighters, we are competitors, but we are still Martial Artists at our core. We already stand out in the community as respected and possibly revered individuals, YOU ARE LEADERS! Treat people well and be the example others will follow, giving a better life for those with special needs and it will bless your heart too.

Stand out in the crowd, you already do – now channel that energy towards making the world a better place. Grapplers Quest donates $1 per competitor worldwide to Autism Radio, a 501c3 charity helping families dealing with Autism every day. Be good to one another.

Your Grappling Promoter,
Brian J. Cimins

Autism is a brain disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and creative play. The numbers are rising fast and getting worse every year – today, 1 in 91 children are diagnosed with Autism including my 8-year-old nephew, Jonathan. We are currently raising money for one special family to help them build a Safe Padded Room for their child, iPads for Autism Classrooms and other Biomedical treatments. Learn more about Autism and to make donations please visit: http://AutismRadio.org – we appreciate your support.

FightNow supports AutismRadio.org – Airing Commercial for Non-Profit Charity Focused on REALLY Supporting Families dealing with Autism every day

FightNow supports AUTISM and AutismRadio.org, a 501c3 charitable organization who really makes a difference with Families dealing with Autism every day
FightNow Founder, Mike Garrow commented, “Autism is very near and dear to the entire MMA and Grappling community. FightNow is a network of fighters for fighters and we are proud to support such a great cause.

“Success would never be possible without acts of kindness and displays of true love for those in need. FightNow supporting Autism shows why they will be a successful network for fight and grappling fans for many years to come, ” commented Grapplers Quest CEO and Founder, Brian Cimins.

“Organizations like Grapplers Quest and FightNow help us provide alternative biomedical treatments for one child every month. Their combined and individual efforts to help support AutismRadio.org is truly honorable and commendable, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the hearts of the Autism Community,” commented Paul Cimins, Co-Host of Hope Saves the Day, the first Family Talk Radio Autism support show and author of “The Autism Spectrum Diet”.

FightNow started airing commercials for AutismRadio.org to help spread Autism Awareness within the martial arts and combat sports television world. Hopefully their act of kindness inspires other networks and organizations to seek out charity or cause you can support. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Check local listings for “The Best of Grapplers Quest” only on FightNow, go to:

Greg Shuryn, Intern
Grapplers Quest

Liborio Promises American Top Team (ATT) will WIN Grapplers Quest This Saturday in CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA

I spoke to Ricardo Liborio yesterday as I stepped off the plane in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida yesterday afternoon. Liborio promised that American Top Team will STORM Grapplers Quest This Saturday in CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA and take home all team championship Titles! ATT promises to have a competitor in nearly EVERY division.

With the tremendous teams expected from Team Carlson Gracie, Pablo Popovitch, Roberto Cyborg Abreu and The Avengers, this team battle will be a WAR! Gracie Tampa led by Royce Gracie Black Belt, Rob Kahn and his head Youth Competition Team Coach, Cristina “Midget Twister” Rodriguez. ATT is coming out BIG TIME to defend and take new titles, as per Master Liborio and Avengers Super Team led by Pablo Popovitch and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, this event will be EXPLOSIVE!!!

“We’re so honored and appreciative of the support all of the Florida Grappling and Jiu Jitsu community helping us raise vital funds for Autism Awareness and supporting families with educational, financial, dietary and proven and effective alternative biomedical interventions. The August 20th show will pay for one child to have a full month of hyperbaric chamber therapy, which has been proven to improve behavior and speech with children with Autism. This event could possibly help an Autistic child to say ‘I love you Daddy’ for the very first time,” commented Grappling Autism Co-Founder, Brian Cimins.

Grappling Autism is the national campaign started by Paul and Brian Cimins to support AutismRadio.org, a 501c3 charitable organization helping families in need. Get more information on Autism, Diets from “The Autism Spectrum Diet” Author, CIA Graduate Master Chef, Paul Cimins.

A portion of proceeds will benefit AutismRadio.org and their national campaign to help support families dealing with the challenges, both financially, physically and mentally with Autism. Get more information on Autism at: http://AutismRadio.org

Don’t miss the BIG show, this Saturday in CORAL SPRINGS – get info here:

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