The Quest to Christ is the first edition of the series and joins two siblings raised Buddhist, Yui and Mei, escaping from Chinese-invaded Tibet. They face death-defying winter storms in the mountains of India in a tribulation-filled journey to find God, meet a wonderful missionary, conquer their fears, and learn about salvation through Jesus Christ. They learn we are saved by his grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, not because of our works. The series also teaches how to ask God for forgiveness, how to repent or turn away from sin, and how to pray in Jesus’ name as well as how to accurately practice Bible-based Christian meditation day and night.  

“More Was Never Enough” was something I wrote in one of the most challenging times in my life.  From great suffering, came something that inspired and motivated millions of people around the world. We must face the shadow inside, turn away from our darkest traits, change our hearts, show more loving kindness and ultimately find OUR true purpose […]

Download Song on iTunes: – Google Play: or Amazon: #ThatsMyKing #JesusChrist The Four Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask Yourself – Speech by Dr. S.M. Lockridge – That’s My King Sermon JESUS, That’s my King!! Please share and comment below with your favorite Bible Verse if Jesus Christ is your Lord […]

“Psalm 23” by the “Uber Rapper”, Ashel Seasunz went viral within hours of release (see below) The impact of the song in the community has been so positive that we are funding an entire ENTER-TO-WIN a $500 Artist signing bonus and Record Deal Contest complete with artist promotion, marketing and branding to sign to our […]

There is a Legend of the UBER Rapper, an amazing hip hop and reggae and motivational and inspirational artist named ASHEL SEASUNZ challenges himself with every one who enters his UBER Vehicle to uplift, inspire and even share the Word of God…witness the “Legend of the UBER Rapper” Download “Psalm 23 by Ashel Seasunz” on […]

Gc-MAF (or Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) is an immunomodulatory protein that, by affecting the immune system, may play a role in various diseases. We are heavily investigating and researching this treatment and found more than 120+ studies from scientists and doctors on GcMAF. All of the clinic studies are public information, yet no one is […]

“JEDI SOUL: The Souljourner Awakens” by So-Far-I is a New Hip Hop Soul STAR WARS Fan Made Music single coming soon.  Stay tuned to and on Facebook at:

“Even amidst the greatest storms in life, I am still inside” – Brian Cimins Learn How to Be Calm Before, During and After The Storm —> Read the FULL article at:

Many of my clients have common “prepper fear” solely because they are unprepared for 3-Day temporary power outages let alone 12-Day outages, like we were challenged with in 2011.  You can calm your fears and easily prepare for short-term power outages.  My grandmother’s health declined rapidly in the 60 degree interior of the home and […]

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please donate to the “Nicholas Corrado Recanati III” Fund at: – God Bless and heal everyone who knew this amazing young man Tribute to Nicholas Reca Recanati – Spiritual Warrior Called Early for Earth’s Final Battle for My Instructor Nick Recanati and His Family With LOVE from The […]

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