Stan Lee and Spiderman inspired Theme Song ‘Climbing for Autism’ Written by Brian Cimins with Anthony Vincent Drops January 8, 2020

Please support families challenged with Autism with America’s first 100% volunteer charity for #Autism at: before year’s end.

Please pray for my nephew Jonathan and all of the families in the world challenged and puzzled by the life long challenges with Autism.

Original Cover Artwork:

#Music coming soon (January 8. 2020 is official release date) to:




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Son of God Movie Inspired Musical Composition by Brian Cimins

In 2013, a multi-part mini-series called “The Bible” was released famously for free on television, then in 2014, FOX released all of the series as one movie called “Son of God” (see sample video below).

While working, training and mentoring with some of the world’s best musicians, they repeatedly told me to pick a scene in a movie you love and write a musical score for it. Here’s my first shot at a musical composition for a major motion picture.

Please download this single and album:
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Thank you two amazing artists, So-Far-I and Kaleb Mitchell for the motivation to step into the light. Single to be released soon.

Son of God footage used under creative commons with permission and tracked via FOX to Glorify Jesus Christ with Original Music Composition by Brian Cimins

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Listen Free and Download God’s Cure for Depression at:

Son of God Movie with Musical Composition to Glorify Jesus Christ by Brian Cimins and Meditation Orchestra

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Please also check out our “Mother Teresa” mini-documentary:

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NEW College Scholarship Program Launched, “The Entrepreneurial Charity Challenge” by Brian Cimins to Wayne Hills High School for LIFE!

Grapplers Quest was founded in 1998 as Brian Cimins’ Senior College Project at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Born and raised in WAYNE, NEW JERSEY, Cimins graduated from Wayne Hills High School in 1994 and attended Schuylar Colfax for Middle School and Theunis Dey in Elementary, even Busy Beehive for Pre-K classes – Wayne born, raised, living and educated in New Jersey.

By 2009, Grapplers Quest officially became the worlds largest martial arts event, voted “Best Grappling Event” by and is now featured on national tv with FightNow through Clear Channel, plus worldwide distribution of 23 DVD titles, two On Demand Pay-Per-Views reaching millions of fans around the world. Cimins and Grapplers Quest partnered with Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2009 to produce the Official Grappling Tournament of UFC Fan Expo with Millions of fans around the world.

Cimins has also developed several charity and awareness projects for Autism (Grappling Autism for, a 501c3), Multiple Sclerosis (OD’s Roadies Team Sponsor since 2000), Mental Illness, Cancer, and Womens Rights. Brian owes a lot of his success to Wayne Hills and the Wayne Public Education System and would like to give back in one very special way – a scholarship for one aspiring, entrepreneurial and charitable student at the high school that launched his successful career..

To help our next generation succeed and be inspired Brian Cimins would like to offer an annual $2,500 College Scholarship know as the, “Entrepreneurial Charity Challenge” which will inspire and challenge Juniors at Wayne Hills with interest in Business or Entrepreneurial studies of any kind. The Challenge will be to create a product or service to raise money for Autism before Graduation the following year. The Amount raised, business plan and presentations will be judged – winner gets the $2,500 scholarship, 1st runner up will get books paid for first year, 2nd runner up will be books paid for first semester.

Proposed timeline:

—May 2012 Entrepreneurial Summit at Wayne Hills hosted by Brian
Cimins with two other CEOs (90 minutes) to Graduating class of 2013
with Business or Marketing interest

– Explanation of Scholarship Opportunity
– Life Skills
– principals of charity
– inspirational speech
– motivational speech
– college success story
– Wayne hills pride
– New Jersey State College

– March 2013, Status update meeting for judging

– May 2013, awards and scholarships presented

Let’s help change lives and enhance their future just like the Wayne
Public education system did for Brian Cimins.

Here’s Cimins’ bio and history:

Please let me know when we could schedule a meeting to help finalize
the details and make this dream a reality.

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