Here’s a highlight video from my last major competition, December 2005 at and World Grappling Games “2005 American International Grappling Championships”. My first match is against a tough competitor and Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Rorian Gracie, Ryan Parker. Ryan and I became friends and he started refereeing at Grapplers Quest events soon after. […]

LOL, I’m an action figure – Grapplers Quest Figurines could be ready as early as CHRISTMAS 2011! This would be like a dream come true for MANY of the competitors in the grappling and BJJ world. Who wants a Bill “The Grill” Cooper or Rafael Lovato Jr. action figurine? I DO!!! Your Grappling Promoter, Brian […]

“Take Your Life from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE” Lyrics that Inspire Brian Cimins

Brian Cimins posted a comment quoting 50 Cent’s first single ever “You ain’t been through, what I’ve been through, you’re not like me and I’m not like you” – 50 Cent It’s ok to be different, it’s good to be a nice person, it’s great to be successful, it’s ok to make mistakes it’s good […]

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Brian Cimins and Grapplers Quest Partner with UFC to Create UFC Fan Expo Grappling Tournaments The 100th Grapplers Quest, The World’s Largest Grappling Supershow was hosted at the UFC Fan Expo on Friday and Saturday, July 10th and 11th, 2009 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It was the largest grappling tournament (Grapplers Quest) in […]

Brian Cimins Wraps Up 2010 World Series of Grappling by Grapplers Quest Get more info on upcoming events at:

Brian Cimins: Logan John Cimins and Emily Susan Cimins

Brian Cimins vs. Gerry Fajardo at Grapplers Quest Tournament 1998

Brian Cimins co-founds Grappling Autism to Benefit Autism Radio, a 501c3 charitable organization to benefit families dealing with Autism every day.  Brian Cimins ‘s 8 year old nephew, Jonathan Cimins (son of Paul Cimins) was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.  Get more information on Autism at:

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