April is Autism Awareness Month and nearly over…every day is Autism Awareness for us.  PLEASE HELP US HELP ONE IN FIFTY CHILDREN…if you ever considered supporting Autism during one month of the year, it’s April, please just donate 99 Cents via iTunes to Autism and get the New Single “Hope Saves The Day” Free at: […]

Please download this Heartfelt fundraiser Song for All Parents of a Loving Child with Autism by Paul Cimins – 100% of Proceeds support Autism Radio 501c3 (http://AutismDonation.org). You can purchase “Hope Saves The Day for Autism” on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/AutismRadio – Now Available everywhere including Amazon MP3, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Amazon On Demand, Google Play, Spotify, […]

THIS IS MY 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHT OPINION COLUMN on the Autism Speaks “Charity” Marketing Ploy known as “Light It Up Blue” to Capitalize on the Soft Hearts of Millions of People Worldwide. Autism Speaks was the first to raise money and awareness for Autism. They’ve spent millions of your hard earning dollars on overpaid underachieving […]

Special Olympics New Jersey and Autism Radio (http://AutismRadio.org) to Launch “Swim for Hope” Autism Program ™ For some children, water can be scary or just uncomfortable, even dangerous. Others can never seem to get enough of it, but don’t know how to safely and independently coordinate their bodies when in the pool. We aim to […]

1 in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism. All of the children and beautifully gifted in their own way, but because we are just starting to uncover the mysteries of Autism and Aspergers, we are realizing how very special and unique each child or adult with Autism is. Just like no child is the same, […]

In 2011, Paul Cimins and his National Charity, Autism Radio (http://AutismRadio.org) launched an amazing “Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program” for children along with Stella Riding and the New Jersey Equestrian Center in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. From http://Wikipedia.org on Horse Therapy for Autism: “Therapeutic horseback riding has been used to help people with autism.[3][4][5][6] Especially for […]

Livingston, New Jersey – Paul Cimins, Founder of Autism Radio and Host of the World’s First Family Support Radio Program, Hope Saves The Day (iHeartRadio and iTunes and streaming at: http://AutismRadio.org) visited and set up a booth at The Children’s Institute (TCI) new campus in Livingston, New Jersey for their 2013 Health and Fitness fair […]

Here’s a letter of introduction from a very special friend of mine and Artist and Author named DJ Svoboda. I met DJ and his SUPER mom at the New Jersey Autism Conference with my brother, Paul Cimins, Founder of Autism Radio. Paul Cimins and his charity, Autism Radio flew DJ and his family up from […]

Learn more about Autism and how you can help 1 in 88 of our kids, visit: http://AutismRadio.org – Check out DJ Svoboda’s Imagifriends Books, Greeting Cards and Artwork at: http://www.MyImagiville.com

Cooking for Autism with Gluten and Dairy Free Master Chef Paul Cimins, Host of Hope Saves The Day

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