DIVISION RESULTS: 20th Grapplers Quest West Grappling Championships – BJJ Tournament – Las Vegas, Nevada – July 2011 – by Brian Cimins

VEGAS Results Posted: 20th Grapplers Quest West Individual Results

July 9, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Presented by Brian Cimins, CEO, Grapplers Company, Inc.

go to: http://www.grapplersquest.com/events/results/individual-divisional-results-20th-grapplers-quest-west-championships-las-vegas-nevad

My Pride and Joy – My life as a father by Brian Cimins


Having children changed my life. It humbled me, challenged me, scared me at times but has shown me the purest and innocent forms of love in the world. It’s our job as parents to reinforce love in their lives – they are the future and the more love you show them, the more endless their potential becomes. Love, Dad
Brian Cimins 🙂

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