How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – How to Heal Your Life from the Inside Out by Brian Cimins

Many therapists and psychiatrists agree that our Subconscious mind “runs the show” for your mental and physical reality. Our thoughts, whether conscious or not, manifest themselves in our every day life. Thoughts become things. If we are thinking positively, more positive energy and things are drawn towards us. Can we re-program and remove negative thoughts from our subconscious mind? The answer is YES – I learned to do it in my sleep and through daily guided meditation with Mind Master Hypnosis Program at:

If you are constantly calling yourself names every time you make a mistake, even just with thoughts, like if you drop something and simply say to yourself, “I’m such an idiot” – your subconscious mind believes that about yourself, which isn’t fair, nice or accurate. If someone else called you an “Idiot” or another bad word, you’d be super mad and NEVER tolerate that right? From this point forward, don’t speak another negative word to yourself about yourself, for the rest of the world will say enough negative things about you, whether they know you or not. You can learn to reprogram your subconscious mind by guided meditation and advanced level hypnosis while you sleep – treat yourself like you are your best friend. Find out how to Master Your Mind with Hypnosis and Guided Meditation at:

Master Your Mind and You Master Your Life!

Keep pushing forward through the storm – the light shines aheads of us all!

With Your Success in Mind,
Brian J. Cimins,
Strategic Interventionist

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