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MUSIC Video and Worldwide Single Release – “Meet The Imagifriends of Imagiville” by DJ Svoboda

Download New Single “Imagifriends of Imagiville”
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PLEASE SHARE – DJ Svoboda is an amazing artist and songwriter with Autism. Please check out his Art, Calenders, Greeting Cards and more at: – Learn more about Autism at:

Visit Imagiville and Meet the Imagifriends at: – My name is D.J. Svoboda. I am the creator of the Imagifriends of Imagiville. It is based on the tough experiences I have faced during times at school. There were days at school when I was made fun of, and when I was picked on and treated mean just because I was a little different, maybe just because I have AUTISM. Those made me feel very sad and hurt. That is how I got the idea of the Imagfriends of Imagiville. Support our sponsor and friends at: and

Meet The Imagifriends of Imagiville
by DJ Svoboda

Fundraising Song for by Daniel “DJ” Svoboda


Imagiville is a Great Place to be.
Come and Visit and You will See.

Meet The Imagifriends Today,
They want to be Your Friends
and they always love to Play.

If you’re Feeling Sad,
No need to shed a Tear,
In Imagiville you are always,
always welcome Here.

Big, Big Dreams always can and do come true.
Great and Amazing Things will Happen for You!

The Imagifriends of Imagiville, Imagiville,Imagiville.
The Imagifriends want to be Your Friends.
The Happiness,Laughter,and Joy never ends.

You are very,very Special just the way you are.
to get to Imagiville You don’t even need a Car.

The Imagination is the Great and Powerful Key.
Imagiville is the Amazing Place for you and Me.

With The Imagifriends and You,Imagiville is a Great
and Amazing and Awesome Place to Be!

THe Mupperezmo sees Things from a Great Point of View.
He is so full of Joy when He sees Me and You.

THe Silly CLown Friend Never,Ever has a Frown.
This Very Silly Friend will Never let you down.

The Gupper Rupper Fly is always flying by.
When he flys by you will Hear Him say Hi.

Here comes the ballerina Friend dancing by with Glee!
She is full of Joy when shes sees You and Me!

The Shy Friend is really quite shy.
But He is Very Happy when He sees you coming by.

The Tea Pot Friend loves to make very Yummy Tea.
She has very wonderful Parties,come and see.

The Bubble Bath Friend is always very,very Clean.
To Him Bubble Baths are Very Peachy Kean!

The Baharaiar is as Happy as a Joyful Guppy.
He is as Gentle as a Very Cheerful Puppy.

The Imagifriends of Imagiville, Imagiville, Imagiville.
The Imagifriends want to be Your Friends.
The Happiness, Laughter, and Joy never ends.

You are very, very Special just the way you are.
to get to Imagiville You don’t even need a Car.

The Imagination is the Great and Powerful Key.
Imagiville is the Amazing Place for you and Me.

With The Imagifriends and You,Imagiville is a Great
and Amazing and Awesome Place to Be
Come by and say hello at
See you real soon!

Check out my friend, DJ Daniel Svoboda and his amazing creation of IMAGIFRIENDS of IMAGIVILLE at:

DJ Svoboda and Music producer, Brian Cimins are working closely together on finalizing the heart warming song which will be sung in classrooms worldwide. The Worldwide Music Video of “Meet the Imagifriends of Imagiville” by DJ and I will launch on or before August 1, 2013 on iTunes Worldwide and a sneak preview on iTunes…stay tuned

10% of all proceeds will be donated to

The Tune is a Jack Johnson genre style piece which introduces the vast and kind world of Imagiville, where everyone treats each other with kindness and respect, regardless of race, creed, color or disability. DJ Svoboda is a Autism Rights speaker, author, artist and now song writer. The limits of our life’s output capacity is only limited by our misconception of perception of reality. We can achieve ANYTHING, keep shooting for the STARS!

Art by DJ Svoboda - An Amazing Man and Artist with Autism including Childrens Books Autistic Artwork

Here’s a letter of introduction from a very special friend of mine and Artist and Author named DJ Svoboda.

I met DJ and his SUPER mom at the New Jersey Autism Conference with my brother, Paul Cimins, Founder of Autism Radio. Paul Cimins and his charity, Autism Radio flew DJ and his family up from North Carolina to set-up at his booth and display his artwork. Cimins is also author of the Autism Spectrum Diet and Host of “Hope Saves The Day” on iTunes, iHeartRadio and online free at:

It was way back in October 2012 and had an amazing impact on my life. DJ inspired me to become a better person, father and leader in the Autism and Life Coaching world and propelled us to launch the “Coaching for Autism” program:

DJ’s making children all over the world SMILE from ear to ear with his amazing creation of ImagiFriends and Imagiville – check out his work at:

Watch DJ’s inspirational Speech from the 2012 New Jersey Autism Conference here:

Letter from my pal, DJ:

My name is Daniel John Svoboda. I am 24 years old. I was born on September 22, 1982 in Shaw AFB, S.C. At the age of three, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Psychomotor Retardation. During my school years I went through some very difficult times. I was often picked on by other people and made fun of. It was from these very difficult situations that The Imagifriends were born. The Imagifriends live in a place called “Imagiville.” In this imaginary place, no one is ever picked on or mistreated in any way. They are loved and accepted for who they are. Everyone in Imagiville helps and cares for one another.

Each Imagifriend that I draw is different. They come in many sizes, colors, and designs. None of them are ever mean or cruel. They each have their own special job and purpose in Imagiville. Every Imagifriend knows that as long as they have a kind heart, it does not matter what they look like. Some of them are physically or mentally handicapped but that’s O.K.!

I want to use the Imagifriends to help the Autistic and handicapped know that they are special just the way they are. My dream is to one day write and illustrate books for children. I have also created the Imagifriends coloring book and I do “Imaginames.” That is where I create an Imagifriend out of the letters of your name and connect them. I donate a portion of what I earn to the Autistic Society and to my wonderful church, Hope Community Church.

Being Autistic has presented me with many challenges in my life. From these challenges I have learned to never give up. I want to thank the Lord for giving me the talent to draw and I want to be able to use my art to help others. Remember: “Everyone Is Special Just The Way They Are.”

D.J. Svoboda


AUTISM Inspirational Speech by DJ Svoboda, Autistic Artist Imagifriends and Chef Paul Cimins Charity

Learn more about Autism and how you can help 1 in 88 of our kids, visit: – Check out DJ Svoboda’s Imagifriends Books, Greeting Cards and Artwork at:

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