Homeschool Art Project – Youth College NFT Artist Fund

Wayne, New Jersey – Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 – Homeschooling parents and kids launched an artist’s college fund via #NFTs on #OpenSea to support young artists around the world.  Both Logan and Kaylee Cimins, entered the non-fungible token world as two of the youngest curated artists in Opensea history at  Their goal is to raise funds for college and future art projects, and long term, help other children with educational and class support.  Please support their efforts below

My Angel, Kaylee Paige Cimins – Born May 28, 2009 by Brian Cimins, Proud Daddy

In the darkest days, my little Angel, Kaylee Paige can take it all away with a smile or laugh or even just a loving stare like the one above. Having a son has been amazing as well, but my relationship with Kaylee is something very special, I’m sure she’ll even help take care of me one day, if necessary, like all amazing daughters try to do. I hope to stay healthy and be alive and well to walk you down the aisle one day – NO RUSH…AT ALL :-), but, I want you to know that our song since you were born is Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young”.

Love you baby girl – can’t wait until one day you read this and know how much of my heart you fill

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